15 Signs You Are Woke


THE SPIRITUAL NEW AGE gave us unlimited understandings of the power beyond the traditional three-dimensional-only ways of thinking and doing life. But now we’re entering the SOUL AGE.

IN THE SOUL AGE we take the understandings and consistently develop, apply, and integrate them into our human realities.

That's an evolution. Not a revolution.

What does it look like?

You'll know you're WOKE and living in the Soul Age when you have mastered these 15 evolutionary distinctions.


1) From 'me' as a solo journey (New Age) to 'we' (WOKE Soul Age) - partnering with others to share innovation & soul-aligned ways in which to think, restructure, and live your individual life within the context of your expanding global communities. 'We're in this together'

2) From wanting someone to do it FOR you (New Age) to re-learning/remembering how to do it for yourself, and modelling that for others. (WOKE Soul Age)

3) From GIVING YOUR POWER to healers, readers, & gurus you believe have MORE or SPECIAL power to heal you, fix you, or tell you your past & future (New Age) to committing to a daily practice to align and merge with your OWN soul power, and develop your OWN access through this infusion. (WOKE Soul Age)

4) From alternative healing as a 'better choice' (New Age) to complementary WHOLE healing that's inclusive and integrative. (WOKE Soul Age)

5) From wishing for good things to happen (New Age) to being a conscious co-creator between soul and human reality. (WOKE Soul Age)


The key distinctions between the ages are being created by all of us in our own evolutionary growth. Every. Single. Moment. This list will grow and grow in multiple ways.


6) From fighting for a cause or a way you believe is 'right' or 'better' (New Age) to remembering that everyone is on their own path and pace in their evolution, and to model choice, not judgment or believed superiority. (WOKE Soul Age)

7) From Higher Self and Lower Self (New Age) to the most expansive version of self and limiting self. (WOKE Soul Age)

8) From believing that if you did it 'right' as taught by 'The Secret' and other Laws of Attraction interpretations, for example, you would have all the things your human wants. If you followed the 'rules' you would be richly rewarded (New Age) to consciously connecting as soul to remember that you ARE soul, and you-as-soul have plans in this and every life that your human-only self cannot override, but CAN understand, embrace, and elevate. (WOKE Soul Age)

9) From believing you are a MANIFESTOR (New Age) to owning that you are a CREATOR; that you consciously create form from the energy that is. (WOKE Soul Age)

10) From the linear constraints of past-life, vision, projecting, and manifesting (New Age) to accessing your multidimensional soul self, and powerfully forming the past & future from the perspective of all-time. (WOKE Soul Age)


Find yourself on the evolutionary path from the New Age to the WOKE Soul Age. See how far you've come. Embrace the direction you are heading in.


11) From believing your soul needs chicken soup - or chocolate (New Age), to knowing your soul needs nothing except daily connection with you while you are in human form. (WOKE Soul Age)

12) From wanting life to be easy, effortless, 'feel good', all in place, happy, Utopian (New Age) to knowing you are responsible on EVERY level of your life with the soul desire and understanding to experience all the realities of human life. (WOKE Soul Age)

13) From believing freedom means without structure or boundaries (New Age) to understanding the integration of freedom WITH structure. Controlled, accountable, responsible freedom. (WOKE Soul Age)

14) From seeing things such as life and death as limits and restrictions (New Age) to seeing things such as life and death as changes of form and awareness. (WOKE Soul Age)

15) From the understanding of spirit after death (New Age) to the immortal soul continued connection beyond personality-only. (WOKE Soul Age)


The list goes on but that's a great start.

Planet Earth is created from polarities that represent the ALL, the inclusive, the whole. When you witness someone or a group of beings who segment out, who judge, who express the polarities in black and white terms, there is often an uncomfortable feeling that occurs, for it's missing the WHOLE truth.

When YOU judge that person or persons, when YOU express YOUR one-sided opinions of black and white, you too are missing the WHOLE truth.

What is the whole truth?

It's found in the principles and protocols of the WOKE Soul Age.

When you consciously evolve from the understandings of the spiritual New Age to the WOKE Soul Age, you will represent the whole truth, not a segmented, separated, judged side only.

You will see the world in living colour, not black and white.

You will engage with the whole world from your whole self, to model the integration rather than separation.

The world is changing at lightning speed. But it's not a revolution that's required. It's an evolution.

I have 2 programs for evolutionary changemakers - GET WOKE WEEKLY & STAY WOKE MEMBERSHIP

If you feel the calling, check them out and then let's talk.


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