2020 is not over yet, no matter how much you may want to turn that calendar page

It's the last weekend of August and you're trying to be respectful of the pandemic and stay safe. I get it. Staycation it is.

But staying close to home doesn't mean staying indoors. Nature is the balm for your nervous system and right now, your nervous system needs all the support you can give it.

Want my advice?

Go outside. Visit a garden, a lake, the ocean, a mountain. Enjoy the last of the summer sun and blooming flowers. Feel the warmth and spaciousness of the earth. Watch the animals who are bolder now than ever.

Right now, you have everything you need to nurture your emotions, calm your thoughts, and unravel your tense body. Nature knows the secrets. Get close to her and you'll be brought into the circle of trust.

The old world is literally falling apart and the next one is breaking through, but it's not anywhere near time to push out the baby yet.

A new integrated world is SLOWLY being birthed but it still needs a lot of time, intention, dedication, and collaborative actions.

As an individual within a society, you change when you’re broken down OR broken open. The best opportunity TO change is when things change. And they change the most at births and deaths.

Literally, yes, but also figuratively.

When someone you love or someone who triggers you, dies, when a relationship's over, a career ends, a home is destroyed, these all represent the death or end of normalcy as you knew it. And change has a greater chance of rising up from the ashes.

You're also more able to change at the birth of a child, the beginning of a business, the start of a new marriage, the move to a new home... These all birth greater realizations.

Change is being leveraged right now.

The pandemic assures it. Black Lives Matters insists on it. Social injustice and Global Warming and the rising of all things that were repressed and suppressed are rising up and insisting on change.

I want to speak more to the energy of change in the weeks ahead. I have a new MasterCourse that starts September 8th that will go into the changes in depth. It's called WORLD CHANGES, COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU. It's very personal AND global.

2020 is not over yet, no matter how much you may want to turn that calendar page. Watch this space for more.

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