4 Things I Know and the Shape of Things To Come

So, something’s coming down the pike. It’s not in full view yet but it’s taking shape.


I can hear it and feel it and almost smell it. (It smells like a campfire burning fallen pinecones and dried alders. It’s that specific.) Clairalience. 


I’ll tell you what I DO know.


  • I know it’s ME teaching YOU something the current energy is DEMANDING.
  • I know it’s not channelled directly, but it IS Sage-informed. ;)
  • I know it’s 4 days of juicy videos.
  • I know it will be free.


On Tuesday, I Instagrammed and Facebooked: "Remember: you're not a voyeur. You're not a life stalker. You're a participant. For everyone's sake, show up & count. Stand for something. Stand for your best."


There’s a hint in there. I can smell it.


It’s getting warmer. Shaping up. It has to. It’s November 1st tomorrow. How did THAT happen? There’s only 8 weeks left in the year before it’s 2020. Gulp!


And that means I should offer this in November. Let’s pick a week for accountability's sake.


I’m feeling it’s Monday to Thursday, November 25th - 28th. (More shaping up.) Go ahead and put that in your calendar. I guarantee it will be the bomb! 


Until next week, my intuitive sniffer is in the wind.

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