Dec 11, 2021

I talk to you nearly every day. The problem is, I don't usually write down what I say. And because of that, you get very few emails from me these days. I want to change that.

Instagram gets a much bigger part of me. I post twice a day, every single day there. But I don't chat with Instagram the way I chat with you.

As I go about my day, I'm telling you what I hope are amusing tales of observations and things happening in my life. They're rarely big or dramatic. Anymore. But they're real.

I'm comparing them to the bigger picture. The psychospiritual picture.

You feel like a comfortable friend that I want to stay in touch with. Because our relationship is important.

For example, recently, I heard myself tell you I finally got my new dishwasher - yes, before Christmas. So my dishpan fingernails are finally growing again. I told you about growth and waiting and convenience. It was a great conversation. In my head.

I also told you about my husband getting caught in the BC slides and floods. How he couldn't get home. And how I helped navigate him through the US (he was one of the first ones through the border, and many others followed.) I talked about the abundance of water and its meaning. It was a long conversation. I talked to you for days with that one.

The other week I told you I was getting contact lenses for the first time. I told you I wasn't sure why I waited till I was in my 60s. I talked about going back and forth trying different pairs, testing them for a week at a time, and how fuzzy things looked, and how I seriously poked myself in the eyes more than a few times. I compared it to how fuzzy things look when we really focus on what's in front of us. How things aren't clear yet, but we're in the process.

There were more conversations you and I had in my mind in the last month or so. And many of the conversations I have with clients or those in my Collective group inspire me to share what's relevant and expansive with you.

Everyday life does too.

There are messages, signs, symbols, and meaning all around us. And if I emailed you about even ½ of the ones I notice, I'd be on my computer emailing you many times a day.

So like a good Canadian, I'm apologizing to you for keeping our conversations and my psychospiritual observations in my head more than normal. But not much IS normal these days, is it? (Oh yes, that was another conversation I had with you. In my head.)

I was cleaning out a closet yesterday - the big one near the front door that somehow is expected to hold twice its capacity. I wanted to donate some coats to @schealthcareauxiliary for the winter. But what I found was so much more than coats. Yes, I found nostalgic memories of the last 10 years and more, surprised that I hadn't worn 'this one' in years or that 'that one' ever even fit me. You know.

But what really brought a smile, a tear, and a frog in my throat, was what I found in one of the pockets.

Over the years, I used to tell my son, Connor, to put a folded $20 bill in the pocket of his winter coat the last time he wore it for the winter season, so that when he put it on again the next year, when he pushed his big bear fists into the pocketshe'd find a treat his past self left for his future self.

I have visceral memories of his delight every new winter when he found his 'gift to self' in his winter coat. It always started the cold of winter off with a smile.

And so yesterday, as I brought out one of my older winter coats from the back of the closet - one I hadn't worn in a decade - and started folding it for the donation bag, I checked the pockets as a habit. Not only was there a $20 bill in it, but there was also a simple note in my son's handwriting that said, "I got you!"

How cool is that? 

I didn't want to keep my conversation about it in my head this time. It deserved to be written in an email. 


Love, Jonni
You can handle the truth. The whole truth.


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