Jul 22, 2020

So, it appears that a gang of raccoons had a party at my place last night. 

There's evidence everywhere.

Tied-down lounge chair cushions were ripped off the chairs. A metal and rock statue I call 'Kevin' was used to bowl through the garden (it didn't survive). My pond plants were pulled up and tossed around like an Italian chef tossing pizza dough.

The list goes on.

My husband Blake's running shoes, normally parked outside the kitchen door, were missing. (Later found: one in the pond, one behind a fir in the back 40.) The barbecue cover, normally carefully folded beside the barbecue, was found under a red maple tree. And all the outdoor mats were grabbed and juggled and left in a heap like the clothes in the corner of a teenager's bedroom. 

It all started yesterday when the wild raccoons showed themselves in the middle of the day. For nocturnal creatures, that surprised me.

They marched around our wrap-around deck, peering in the new doors - the fishbowl doors - checking us out. WTH? Then they disappeared. Then they reappeared. Then they disappeared - on and on like a street corner magician with his 3 plastic 'where is it hidden' cups. I got dizzy. Maybe that was their intention.

Puttering in the kitchen a few hours later I noted my now older, blinder, cat Romeo was lying on the deck catching a few sun rays within my view. And suddenly all hell broke loose (as boomers like to say).

2 raccoons came from 2 different directions and pounced on Romeo in his most vulnerable state. I yelled something that was more about volume than real words and channelled an Incredible Hulk move right through my new screen door, sending it flying.

The 3 animals scattered. (I should think so!) Romeo made for his cat door. It all happened so quickly.

And then last night...the raccoons came back. By all accounts, there were 5 of them. Our security cameras were very busy snapping their little poser asses off all night long.

And now this morning, as I type this, I'm left scratching my head. The metaphors are getting jammed up in my mind. 

Logically, the raccoons were behaving..well.. like raccoons. Nothing new there. At least not much. But why now and why to me? Those are the questions I'm intent on answering today.

I know that if you want to get a deeper, more personal message to answer 'why now and why me', there are clues that link to more understanding. I do this type of discovery work for clients all the time. You might even have worked with me and know that.

I answer 'why now and why me' when they have a diagnosis, an accident, a relationship issue, a sudden change - any disruptive or unusual situation. 

I look at the clues, notice all the details, and use my psychospiritual detective skills to explain the greater meaning.

So I guess I have my work cut out for me today. I'm excited. And when I'm finished, if YOU need some psychospiritual detective work done, you know how to reach me.

Love, Sherlock Jonni

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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