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Beyond the Fork in the Road

Just because it's possible to wake up to a radically different kind of life, doesn't mean it's a quick & permanent shift.

A radically different kind of life is more than a software upgrade. It's aligning with your entire operating system.


Let me back up.

We live in an era where instant makeovers are not just possible, they’re thrilling!  In past centuries, you were stuck in the conditions you were born into. There was very little choice. For example, if you were born poor, you would likely remain poor, and that would determine your career and how often and how well you ate.

But those aren’t the rules anymore.

Today you can change the conditions of your life based on YOU. You can take charge of your health. You can take charge of your career choices. You can create your own lifestyle. You can better your understanding of relationships. The list goes on. Limited only by you and your willingness to change, to advance, to have the life you want to have.

But lately, we’ve come to a fork in the road where sheer will isn’t going to cut it alone. If it did, everyone would be doing it.

No, the fork in the road means that in order to move forward toward the life you came here to live, you’ll need to do some soul searching. That means you’ll need a bigger and more meaningful understanding of your past (and your past lives and history itself) and at the future you want to create.


Soul searching means living with greater meaning by looking at how you got here and where you want to go, by connecting the dots in a way that serves your whole self not just your ego-only limited self.

Soul searching doesn't happen overnight. It's not an instant makeover. It takes a bit more than that. That's why I offer packages of sessions to get you woke and keep you woke - woke to the life you came here to live and how to align with it.

I also offer ongoing programs and memberships to get you woke and keep you woke - because soul searching means uplevelling to a radically different kind of life. And I want to hold your hand, through the hills and valleys, and walk you through to that alignment.

In the era we live in now, as you face the fork in the road that means sheer will alone won’t cut it, consistency rules. Consistency of understanding and embracing your entire operating system.

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