"Why are your courses all text-based these days, Jonni?"  

Patricia emailed me that ⬆️ last Sunday. She's taken courses from me over the decades. But never text-based ones. (Because I never offered text-based courses before.) And she was curious. I get that.

So I messaged her back and said I really like the intimacy and personalization of text-based courses. I compared them to DoorDash and Uber Eats, food delivery services that bring what you want right to you. It's just easier. And who doesn't want easier these days?

Taking a course is a commitment of time and money. Once you find the one you want to take and pay for it, you have to put in the work too. Or what's the point?

That's why I wanted to make taking the actual course as easy as I could. And what could be easier than having it delivered right to you every morning by text, in bite-sized pieces? 

So instead of logging into a course online, instead of trying to find your login and password to sign into your course, and instead of being overwhelmed by all the videos or zoom requirements of it all, my text-based courses are delivered fresh and hot to your personal device via text every morning at 6 am for you to consume whenever you want.

How convenient is that?

It's like breakfast in bed. But without the crumbs.

Love, Jonni

Wondering what to do about dinner now...


PS) 'Endings & Beginnings' opens for registration next Wednesday. It's an 8-week text-based course created for those who need a fresh injection of expansive energy & insights around the challenging endings & beginnings in their life.

And) We have one more week of the 12-Week Text-Based Course 'From Awareness to Actualization' left.  

Oh, and) The last week of the Fall MasterCourse, 'Deconstructing Futurity' has landed. December's MasterCourse, 'Sit and be love' is starting to purr.

There are no coincidences.

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