May 28, 2022

Hey - it's Jonni.

I fell down my share of rabbit holes this week, know what I mean? I blame Google, Siri, and my ever-growing curiosity about all things. At the end of the day, I can't say I always checked a lot off my imaginary to-do list, but I felt full, satisfied, and complete. And I slept better.

This week I also realized that June is imminent. Most people I know are thinking about a summer vacation. And everyone wants something different from a vacation.

Some people want adventure.

Some want discovery.

Some want laughs.

Some want reflective quieter times.

Some want solitude.

And some want to meet other people.

All valid reasons AND in the last few years, COVID has determined that each of us needs to re-evaluate what we want from vacation because things have most definitely changed.

In the last few weeks I've found myself thinking about animals and how they don't go on vacation - no matter how hard they work. They don't take a break or have a holiday.

Instead, they stay tuned into their environment and keep a balance going. They're modelling this for us because maybe we can learn a little something from them.

We can live a more balanced life by swinging less from one extreme to the other. We can choose to adjust our daily life and our environment so we can cultivate ongoing harmony that is so essential for our best health and well-being.

That doesn't mean not going on vacation, but it may mean not NEEDING a vacation. And that's something to consider.


Love, Jonni

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