Do You Want Realtime Support?

For weeks I’ve been posting on social media about a new offering I’ve excitedly developed.

The idea was originally conceived in my office studio back in 2008. I suggested the offering to a client who enthusiastically said “YES!” and we experimented with it to great success for about a month. (Toni, if you’re reading this - you know I’m talking about us.)

After that month, I considered taking the idea out to others. But the time wasn’t right for a number of reasons. It needed to percolate as good things so often do.

Now the time has come to put it all together and launch the offering.

In today’s reality, people want realtime support. The pace of life has quickened. Time is short. And needs must be met asap in order to move through with greater clarity and ease.

I know that pace. Mine is creatively and passionately driven and when I’m stuck (usually on an IT issue) I want realtime support.

I’m not an IT expert but I am a transpersonal psychologist and woke coach to many. And I want to offer you realtime support. Introducing Text Talk With Dr Jonni. Click through for all the details.

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