The Fall Season from an Astrological Perspective

Hi there,

I had my seasonal chat with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft, the other day.

We talked about the upcoming Fall Equinox and what to expect this fall. And we looked at the summer that was, for comparison.

For many months I’ve been saying that things are ramping up, amplifying what is - and the planet’s influence supports this. Marielle explains it in detail.

As seen through the soulful eyes of a gifted astrologer, the fall sky reveals much for each of us to understand and work with. Astrology doesn’t tell you what WILL happen. Instead, the planets reveal the greatest influences affecting everyone.

Have a read over the transcript. It’s the head’s up you really want. Now.


The Fall Season from an Astrological Perspective

Jonni Gray:         

Hello, it's Jonni Gray and welcome back to the podcast of a seasonal chat we've been having with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft. And by the way, she's available at

I've invited Marielle to speak with us again to give us a good sense of what we can expect from the fall - a season we've abruptly begun - and at the same time, I know that it doesn't just begin in a contrived way. There’s also a moment in our chat where we might need to look back to understand what we're going through now and what the future season and beyond is holding. So welcome.


Marielle Croft:

Thank you very much.


Jonni Gray:

The fall equinox begins Monday, September 23rd. Can you give us a sense of how that's going to land for us?


Marielle Croft:

Yes, the fall equinox is a time for balance because the day and the night will have twelve hours each. And this is when the sun moves into the sign of Libra. And Libra is usually a sign that prefers harmony rather than conflicts. We find that there are several planets on that day that are in their own sign.

You know, each sign has a big boss, a ruler, if you will, and so we have 5 planets in their own sign which is quite exceptional to have that many. So this suggests that there might be leaning more towards harmony, resolving conflicts throughout the fall, but at the same time, we still carry a shadow. This is the heaviness that comes from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and they are with the south node, which is an energy of unresolved shadow from the past. But that continues. It's as if we are, at this time, all of us, humankind, having to face the consequences of choices that we may have made over centuries or thousands of years. It's like the wave wants to land back and now we see what we have created. And so we can perhaps react negatively, not wanting it to be there, or we could say, well that's what's going on. What can we do now?

So making choices or making a new choice, changing our attitude, changing our ways that are continuing to feed in the style of that shadow. There are some people that are very determined to transform that shadow into something useful, productive. And other people who maybe can't let go of their attachment to what was their own power, or something like that. So that's what continues to be there but it's not a new element right now. It has been quite intense and it's going to continue until there is a peak in January next year and then other things will come from that. We'll have another time, another opportunity, to talk about that.

So what we find on the day of the equinox is that the moon is with the north node, which is the resolution. The moon is in her own sign of Cancer. And there is something about the softness of gathering, the nurturing, the comforting energy of being with the people that we know and that we love. So our family, our community. Community is not just the people that we know in our town or village or whatever. Our community is also our soul community. Like when we want to improve the quality of who we are, this brings us into another community that could be called the spiritual community. So there is ascending toward that connection also because they exist in the energies of this fall and all of this with the power of Venus which is the ruler for Libra.

Venus is about beauty and grace, gentleness, and that sort of thing. So these energies are really a new addition that comes into play while the shadow that I mentioned earlier, continues to be there. But it kind of softens the angles of that shadow to a degree.

There is also a spiritual vibration - very highly spiritual vibration - of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces. And Jupiter, also in Sagittarius, making these two about questing for enlightenment. As simple as that, really.

The frequencies of Neptune and Jupiter, when they blend together like that, have such high frequencies that we may not be aware of what they do in our own life. What they do is amplify our natural tendencies. So we can see them more if we want to pay attention.

Of course, some people may notice that something is kind of stronger in their life and they may appreciate it. Or sometimes they may find 'what's going on with me? Things are getting more complicated.' So it could be like that because it activates a vast polarization in the world. Those tending to be the good people, they are likely to become even more of that quality. And those who are more self-serving will also have this quality increase because the energy doesn't discriminate. It's given to everyone and it amplifies what is in place.


Jonni Gray:        

Yes. So the polarization effect is because of the amplification. And how long a period of time are you sensing this or are you seeing this?


Marielle Croft:

This whole year.


Jonni Gray:        

You're saying that there will be a culmination of sorts next January 2020? You and I will have a winter chat in December so we can focus on that then and highlight for now the strategies for individuals on how to deal with this. You didn't say the word responsibility, but I'm hearing that in what you're saying.


Marielle Croft:        

Absolutely. Well said, Jonni.


Jonni Gray:        

I know that there is a lot happening for us this summer. I would love to have another discussion with you, a nice juicy chat with you, in the fall, so that we can look back at the summer that was, give a little hindsight, and to the fall that will be. Is that something you're interested in doing again?


Marielle Croft:         

Oh yes, that would be really interesting, yes.


Jonni Gray:        

Good. Okay. In my Stay Woke Membership, the MasterCourse we're taking for the season of fall is entitled 'What is My Responsibility?' and it's bringing through messages that are talking about all levels of responsibility and what we specifically are responsible for or not in a way of fine-tuning the understanding of responsibility. So it's not just about obligation. It actually is a greater connection to, as you would understand, the spiritual oneness that we're being gifted with feeling more intensely now.

And all of this is a question of individual choice. Yes, there's great power in individuation right now because a person can step back and see, as you were saying, if a choice they're making is more self-serving or more connecting - helping self and all. So it's not eliminating one or the other.


So this is encompassing, Marielle, what you were talking about on our last chat with the summer when we talked about the Mercury Retrograde and the powerful eclipses.


Marielle Croft:

Yes, and if we want to look back you'd see that the month of July was particularly intense because there were two eclipses and Mercury was retrograde. We saw lots of issues coming up into the world that created more tension like the tension with China and Canada and also with the US.

In China and Canada, there was a ban on Canadian meat, for example. They found that there was a forged veterinary certificate attached to it. And even though it was proved to be a false reason, the ban has not been lifted. So people making their living with that sort of business here in Canada, are in a crossroad. There is also a ban on Canadian canola by China. So there are all these things that are also in the US. The issues with Brexit have become more tense too. And Theresa May had to resign and a new Prime Minister took place - Boris Johnson. And other tension between countries as well. The protest in Hong Kong.

And another thing, I don't know if it was only here in Quebec or if it was everywhere else, but here in July and it continued on in August, but it started in July, there was an abundance of small aircraft crashing, 2 or 3 every week. A large number. I tried to figure out what's going on.

We've had Uranus which likes to fly high. Uranus was in Taurus and Taurus wants to be on the ground. But it doesn't mean that it should happen, but in July, Mars was in Leo making a square to Uranus in Taurus. Mars is often connected with accident and there was an imbalance. So I guess that's where we need to look. So since Mars has now left Leo, we should have less of that type of accident, I suppose.


Jonni Gray:

I'm so glad you brought it up because it wasn't just isolated to the province that you reside in. We were seeing it out in British Columbia as well. Planets don't isolate where this is going to happen. I agree, it was unusual. And I know there's also another Mercury Retrograde coming up this fall. I think October/November, yes. Is there anything different about this one? Is it more intense?


Marielle Croft:

You know, sometimes Mercury is retrograde and we barely feel it, but sometimes it's spectacular. In July, it was like that. The one coming up in October/November is more quiet. It still carries the need to review, you know, the usual. But not too intense.


Jonni Gray:

Beautiful. Okay. All right. I think that we've got a lot on our plate with just this. There's a tremendous surge that is happening and let's talk to everybody again at the beginning of winter and see where we've landed with the fall and where we're going into the winter. Thank you so much, Marielle. Bye for now.

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