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Hello Winter! I'm here. And I brought hope

 👋Hello! Jonni Gray here. Welcome back to my seasonal chats with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft. I don't put that in quotation marks. I put that in bold and I underline it. (And link it. 😉)

Marielle and I go way back and I'm always delighted that she offers to chat with me every season so we all reap the benefits of having a deep but quick glance around the upcoming and ongoing planetary influences because as above, so below. We can see the potentials that are occurring and we can navigate ourselves around them, always remembering that the heavens will never tell us what's going to happen.

Planets give us the influences of potential occurrences, the potential energetic opportunities for us. And right now we're in the darkest days of winter, yet I know people are really looking forward to the winter solstice and the Christmas season. Let's focus on that and then we'll get into the big 2020 year that's going to be.


Marielle Croft:

You said that very well. Yes, the energies are there. It's for us to decide how we embrace them and how we create with them.

So first of all, we are, as you said, heading towards the Christmas season and 2 big events are coming up.

The first one is the winter solstice which will be on December 21st. It's almost immediately followed by the new moon, which will be exactly on Christmas day on the 25th and that will be an eclipse of the sun.

Eclipses kind of deepen everything. All of this is happening in the sign of Capricorn, which is an earth sign, a sign with profound maturity, mostly. So the impact of this is a profound rebirth for us to distinguish where we are too impulsive and where we take time to recognize the impact of what we do, say, think, the impact we have on other people, on our community, or something like that.

It's a time of profound thinking and reflection, really. The energies are so full at this time because there are several planets in the sign of Capricorn. It happens now and then that the planets all appear to be all in the same corner of the sky. So it's quite exceptional to have all of that.

Each sign has a planet in charge of the sign - a ruler if you will. The ruler for Capricorn is Saturn. So the big boss is at home with all of those planets. It's a big party of respect, deep reflection, taking time to see where we are at, and where we are headed.

Many people will find that there are lots of reasons to value this time of reflection. They may use the potential for healing, for correcting, but it may not go as easily as we hope to re-address what needs to be re-addressed.

All over the world in politics and economy and social activities, it seems that there are several crises going on. If we are very aware of our own reality and driving it as if we are the only one in this world, then we will find that there are all sorts of reasons why that may not function in the long run.

The best policy right now is taking time out before we do anything. Perhaps the major quality to cultivate at this time is respect: respect for people and for the environment. There is a culture that took place in recent years on social media for example. People insulting and bashing and attacking as if there were no consequences. It seems as though the notion of the value of respect and empathy is forgotten. And at this time it is important to use that quality to reactivate this quality because it's going to minimize immense crisis that could possibly happen. If people continue to push and push and push with a lack of respect or try to pull the blanket on their own side it could potentially lead to a traffic jam as if nothing wants to move, like a blockage.

These energies in Capricorn are as if we could move forward to the new world, to the new reality but we have to do it consciously and carefully and respectfully. So moving with that sort of delicate interruption is likely to bring all of us towards a new comfortable state of the world.

Of course, we can expect some people will resist this. They are so used to being in control, to being perhaps even abusive in some situations. So it may not go smoothly all the time. But if we aim for respect and empathy, even when we meet some people who are attached to resisting and controlling, these qualities will certainly help eventually. Maybe even soften the heart of those who resist.


Jonni Gray:

I love what you're saying. It's been my focus with the work I'm doing as well. Respect is an energy that is almost being rejected or forgotten by many people right now. It's a missing quality. And yet respect, responsibility re-establishing, reorganizing are all energies that are laying a great restructuring in 2020 and onward. Are they not?


Marielle Croft:

Oh, absolutely. This is the biggest theme all through the year of 2020. We have Jupiter, which is kind of the magnifying glass, making everything bigger. And Jupiter is also a planet of healing. Jupiter is very established in Capricorn all year. And particularly, Jupiter is going to meet with Pluto 3 times.

As you know, the planets go direct, retrograde, direct again... So through the whole year, Jupiter is going to visit with Pluto which suggests that where there is a rigid control and resistance, good common sense will become so obvious that eventually even the most resistant is likely to collaborate. So that could be the healing throughout the year because of Jupiter.

We start the season with the eclipse season because this new moon has an eclipse of the sun and 2 weeks later we have the full moon with an eclipse of the moon. So there's no way we can delay what's going on in the world. Everything is about 'face the reality' and make your own contribution to it. No one can be passive at this time. Everyone is called into collaboration.


Jonni Gray:

Yes, yes, yes. And in however they do it. Everyone is being influenced by this and wherever they feel their place in the world. So we're not all on the same side, but we're all being influenced in the same way.

And I understand that the Saturn/Pluto combination happens every 35 years?


Marielle Croft:

That's right. So this is another big theme because Saturn has been in Capricorn since December 2017. Pluto has been there since 2008. They are not the same size and they do not have the same orbit so even though they both are in the same sign, it's only this coming January the 12th and the13th that these 2 planets are going to be exactly on the same degree. We call it a conjunction and it’s always something significant. It's always global. Saturn always catches up with Pluto. This happened around 35 years ago and each time it’s a cycle of major change and reconstruction and reorganization in the world. A change in cultures.

It's not something we can see right there on the day of the conjunction but maybe 2, 3, or 4 years after, we’ll begin to see the new tendency. And so this one is really about reconstructing culture, politics, the global share of the common wealth, the environment and all the things that need attention at this time.


Jonni Gray:

There are some big, big influences. One could say heavy. Do they feel heavy for most people?


Marielle Croft:

Yes, heavy is the word.


Jonni Gray:

To me, heavy means that we want to be more lighthearted. We want to have hope. We want to have an energy of expectation. I feel that we are moving into an energy of hopefulness, that things can be reorganized, that there are enough people going to take responsibility for self, for others, for the planet, that this is the big change we are looking for and it's getting a big powerful influence increase at this time. Does that feel accurate to you?


Marielle Croft:

Absolutely. When we say heavy, it's because now and then we face the need for a change of taking responsibility when something happened. It doesn't mean bad. It just means we have to pay attention and play our role as well as possible in that. I don't see it as being negative at all. I see it as being an opportunity to make better some aspects of the way we have developed our civilization. There are a few things here and there that call for tweaking. So in that manner, it's very positive because if there are a few aspects about reality that are not working to our full satisfaction, then by applying the effort towards change, we can move toward something that is better for everyone. That's actually what this conjunction means.


Jonni Gray:

Good. So I feel that it can be applied individually as well. I feel it's going to be applied throughout all humanity and every group, every industry, organization, etc. So it's influencing on all those levels. Does that sound accurate?


Marielle Croft:

Exactly accurate, yes. It's definitely working globally and lots of people will feel it also in their own life because sometimes these planets connect with someone's natal chart, for example. So those people will feel it more personally as well as globally.


Jonni Gray:

I like it. Okay, I don't want to take up too much of your time and I want to make sure that this is compact enough so someone can read it and get a good sense of the season they're entering into.

That was perfect. It’s such a great overview of the influence of the energetics, not just the details which I think a lot of astrology provides for people. I think they can get quite confused by that. I want to thank you, Marielle. And please have a lovely holiday, a lovely Christmas.


Marielle Croft:

And a happy New Year to everyone.


Jonni Gray:

Yes! We will talk again in the spring. Bye for now.

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