‘I am stressed, therefore I am’ should not be your mantra, should not be your belief. Not if you desire to live a more whole and integrated life.

Unfortunately, though, the fast pace of information and expectations in the world means stress has become more and more commonplace.

But that’s the world; it doesn’t have to be you.

Understand that stress is a build-up of unprocessed emotions.

A build-up.

The more you keep going and doing and experiencing without taking time to reflect, to deepen your understanding, to find greater meaning, to shift your behaviour, the more you are contributing to your stress levels. And I doubt that that's the plan.

Because stress represents a disconnect from your whole self, it is also a disconnect from your soul, your soul self. That means you have been ignoring that aspect of you, putting it on the back burner.

In essence, what you're doing is not listening to your self. You're not paying attention to yourself. You're certainly not loving yourself up. And if you're one of those people who complain that other people are not listening to them, paying attention to them, respecting or loving them, you can start to see the reflection here. You set the bar for how others will treat you by how you treat your self.

There are many signs that your unprocessed emotions are building up.

Knowing these signs can assist you in navigating away from stress and toward a more whole and unified life.

For example, you might feel as though you're doing everything alone in your day. That it's just you. And that you have the most responsibility to keep it all going whether for yourself, your family, your work team, your social group, etc.

Of course, taking time to be alone, to be with yourself and reflect and allow is a positive life-affirming position to take, but if it's not your choice most of the time, then you’re not including others into it. You’re excluding, and not necessarily by choice.

Another sign might be that you find yourself often frustrated, cranky, moody, even angry. You don't feel in the flow. You're envious of people who appear to have it much easier than you do. Of course, the grass appears greener, but it’s your projection, your envy, that's the sign you're disconnected from your soul self.

There are some less obvious signs such as you're not making as much money as you'd like. That shows up as an imbalance. It falls into the categories of low self-worth, lack of confidence or inspiration, feeling that you have no choice, etc. These are all signs of disconnect from your soul.

  • Have you forgotten what fun is, what playful is?
  • Can you remember the last time you laughed, the last time you sang?
  • Do you feel as though it's all work and no play?

These are more signs of disconnect from all that you are, from your whole self which includes your earthly personality and body and soul.

If you haven't meditated or journalled or reflected in weeks, if you haven't taken time to go for a walk or take-in some fresh air because you are constantly on the go, constantly busy, overwhelmed, you are contributing to the disconnection that you're feeling.

Because one of the quickest ways to begin the realignment process is to consciously breathe.

Now, breathing may sound trite when you have so much to do, but forgetting to breathe or making breathing an unconscious autopilot act, is a prime example of disconnection.

Disconnection is the imbalance caused by experiencing more earthly emotions and less spiritual or greater reality states.

When you're looking for balance in your life, start here. It will lead to the whole and integrated life you know you deserve.


Love, Jonni the Destresser





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