At 3 in the morning on November 8th, the 2nd total lunar eclipse happens in our night sky.

(Sidebar - Yes, I said: "our". I know it's more common to use the article "the", but I prefer the pronoun "our". When you use the pronoun "our" more often, you feel the responsibility and the privilege. Try it here and there.)

So...the total lunar eclipse, right.  Our moon (👈 see what I did there?) will pass to the north of the centre of the shadow so the totality of the eclipse will be unusually long. Over an hour! Almost 1½ hours!  

If you're up and watching (🙋‍♀️) it will have a coppery red upper rim and a brownish lower rim. At 3 am.

But it's the events before and after the eclipse, I find the most fascinating, metaphorically.

Before the eclipse, there's a fuzzy shadow because our moon is less bright. As it moves across, it leaves a reddish colour. But once the entire moon is completely eclipsed, it scatters a blue light, and the only light it lets through are the long wavelength lights of reds and oranges that we see in photographs of an eclipse.

Then our moon starts to look grey again, with less brightness than a regular full moon. And that's the whole shebang. That's the beginning, middle, and ending of our total lunar eclipse.

Personally, I find the process of beginnings and endings more interesting than middles. In everything. In relationships, in stories, in life. 

It's the beginnings and endings that really grab our attention and shake us up. For good reason.

We all go through endings and beginnings, and we can either do them clumsily, messily, awkwardly, painfully, or smoothly, gracefully, purposefully and intentionally. 

Or somewhere in between. 

There's a sliding bar I'll introduce you to in my new text-based course 'Endings & Beginnings'. I'll help you find where you are on the bar and how to move yourself to a more comfortable placement that works better for you. 

Because applying more focus and conscious intention to your endings and beginnings will definitely change your middle.

I'm eager to talk more about this in my new text-based course which starts December 6th. Watch this space.

Love, Jonni
planning a nap before November 8th

PS) We're in the final month of the 12-Week Text-Based Course 'From Awareness to Actualization' which will end on November 25th and start up fresh again on January 2nd. More endings and beginnings. 😉 

PPS) The Fall MasterCourse, 'Deconstructing Futurity', moves seamlessly into the Winter MasterCourse as November ends and December begins. #thebestendingisthenewbeginning

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