Have you noticed that things are speeding up and slowing down in interesting ways right now? I have. But I'm not complaining. I'm making it work for me. 🙌

I like that we went from summer's 🥵 heatwave to fall's 🍂 beauty to winter's 🥶 freezing, in 2 weeks flat.

I like that the Christmas 🎄 season started the day after Halloween 💀 so I can consciously add an extra dollop of warmth and gratitude to my daily life.

And I like that I've been 'accidentally' writing the date as 🗓 2023 instead of 2022 because I'm stretching my mind's range of planning.

Yep. I intend to keep playing with this time rearrangement feeling.

I'm pretty sure I'll be removing all things fa-la-la-la on the morning of December 26th, and I've committed to ending that winter feeling early and getting a jump start on summer for the entire month of February.

And that's just for starters.

Here's what I know: If time is all over the place rather than pacing itself in a linear way as it normally does, we can either ride it like the wave it is or get swept underneath it in the undertow.

So instead of complaining that it's too cold or it's too hot or we didn't have a long enough fall -
Instead of humbugging until December 15th (or even later!) -
Instead of looking at my decorated house for another week after the party's over -
Instead of waiting out winter until the calendar spring says it's time -

I'm going to scrap the traditional expectations of when and how to do things, and create my own. 👏

That's why I've been using the last 4 weeks of December and the first 4 weeks of January to bookend a new text-based course I've created. I'm playing with time.

December's focus is devoted to your endings and cycle completions, whereas January's focus is devoted to your beginnings, restarts, and new chapters. It's a great way to use time for the things you really want and need to do.

If you're grappling with a transition, maybe going through a divorce, a breakup, a loss, a work change, or something else, this 8-week course is made for you.

If you're holding back from starting a new beginning for fear you'll get it wrong or miss something or 'it's just not right', this is the course for you.

I created it for those who recognize the need to complete the past so they can welcome the future with eyes and heart wide open. Is that you?

Watch this space for more. Registration begins on the new moon, Wednesday, November 23rd.

Love, Jonni
"Siri, play Deck the Halls."


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