I'm getting my first 💉 shot tomorrow morning.

Every second client I've had in the last few months wants to talk about the COVID vaccines. They have questions, concerns, opinions. And they always ask me what I'm gonna do.

I have some clients who don't think about it and will happily stick out their bare arm to be poked as soon as they can. 

I have other clients who will never ever allow themselves to be vaccinated.

And then I have the clients (and friends and family) who consider the ramifications, the pros and cons, AND look at what is influencing them.

1. From where I sit, you can look at the facts - and there are plenty, and some of them may be confusing and even contradictory. 

2. You can ask everyone what they're gonna do - and that can be an endless poll. 

3. Or you can look at what's influencing you.

I'll confess, I've done all three.

1. The facts are fascinating. I've never felt so empowered to explore options and dive deeper into possibilities. I researched the facts while remaining emotionally neutral. That helped. Otherwise, I know I would have looked at every fact through the lens of, "Does that mean it's better for me?"

2. I asked those people who are most aligned with me in how they live life, what they were choosing and why. We have similar belief systems, but more importantly, we live our belief systems daily. It's not just rhetoric, wishful speaking. I respect their perspective.

3. I spent the most time examining all the things that are influencing my decision. Like my mother. Janice was an anti-vaxxer. I didn't realize that until recently. I wasn't immunized against anything - diphtheria, hepatitis B, measles, meningitis, mumps. Not even polio. 

I remember having the mumps, the measles, the chickenpox. None of them were 😬 comfortable. A few stray memories (and scars) remain from those childhood infections. I consider myself lucky. Or something like that.

The first vaccine I received was a tetanus shot. I was an adult then. It seemed logical to take it, considering the 5 rusty nails attached to a roof shingle hanging from the bottom of my foot. 

Besides my anti-vaxxer mother, the influences that determine my decision to take my choice of COVID vaccine are many. And they are as unique to me as your influences are unique to you. The important part is identifying and owning them. 

I dug deep into myself to find those things that were influencing me. I went to that knowing part that's the meeting place of all my influences. And that's where I met the solid confidence I could trust.

If you need help with this process, I'm here to guide and support you through identifying and claiming your influences. We can talk, or we can talk plus. Either way, it's all fascinating, isn't it?


Love, Jonni

Doing shots at 10 am tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!

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