This time of year makes me a little melancholy. It's the change of season. It's in the air.

When you were a kid, late August meant summer was coming to an end. The endless days of playing outside were going to stop. You'd have to go to bed early. YOU HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING.

Later, I remember the first few weeks of high school each year were an extension of summer: we didn't get a lot done, but we sure had fun.

Summer has the qualities of timelessness. The days are long. The schedules are loose. And feelings can run amok.

Actually, most things can run amok: wildfires, COVID and the Delta variant, vaccination information, the temperature, the number of unmarked graves at residential schools.

This summer, it was a lot. It made it more difficult to find the timelessness and joy in summer. You really had to try. And sometimes you were successful.

And now as summer turns into fall, we're likely leaving a lot of that amokness (  👈  my new favourite made-up word) behind. We're heading into more order and structure, more scheduling and organization. YOU HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING is the echo in my head. Yours too?

I love fall. No, that's not quite right. I freakin' love fall.

People have places they need to be. They're not aimlessly wandering around looking for the next summer entertainment distraction. Nature shows off her next-level colours: ambers and browns, golds and oranges. There's new smells for your nose as sweet pumpkin spice takes over where fresh mown grass used to be. And apple cinnamon trumps a sizzling barbecue.

But it's not fall yet. It's the transition time. It's almost a mini-season in its own right. It's tween time the way girls from 9-12 are tweens - no longer a child, not yet a teenager.

In tween time, you can keep one foot in summer (flip flops on, pedicure good for one more week) and the other foot can start walking into fall (clad in Stuart Weitzman or this year's cowboy boots).

In tween time, you can ease yourself from one speed, one focus, one reality, to the next. I'm all for easing. In fact, I recommend it highly. The absence of difficulty? Sign me up. I'll put your name down too, Jonni. You're welcome.


Love, Jonni
I don't have school in the morning.

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