Nov 07, 2021

I've had dishpan hands for 27 days now. Because 27 days ago my dishwasher broke. It gave a watercurdling sound (like bloodcurdling, but for appliances). Then it choked, sputtered, and stopped.

Naturally, I googled the make and model to try and source a DIY method of repair. I'm very much a do-it-yourself gal married to a do-it-yourself guy. But the sad 😢 news was there was nothing we could do, according to Google.

I love my Bosch dishwasher. She's so quiet and efficient I forget she's working hard for me. I appreciate her. I took good care of her. But still, her time had come.

Whenever an appliance (or anything, actually) breaks down, I don't just replace it, I upgrade it. It's like there's a built-in message for me that says, "You need a better one." I like that message.

So I found the next model Bosch, beamed at all the new features, and then tried to order it. I say "tried" because, well, you know, inventory shortage, disrupted supply chains, crazy prices...

I worked hard for days trying to make the new purchase happen - online and by phone. In the meantime, I started developing the said dishpan hands. Seriously, my nails are non-existent right now.

I know, I know, I could be wearing gloves, and I keep meaning to, but I keep forgetting to buy them, which is strange because I'm not forgetting to buy anything these days. "Add to Cart" is virtually my middle name since the pandemic began. 🤣

So, taking stock now: I have no gloves, no dishwasher, and dishpan hands. But the story doesn't end there (even if you want it to.)

Last week, one of my sources for appliances got back to me. He said he could secure my chosen make and model, and the date for pick up would likely be mid-December. "Likely". I've never been fond of "likely" for anything. "It's likely going to happen" sounds tepid, not hot. But I said yes. So now I'm waiting and hoping, and yet still forgetting to buy gloves.

It feels like we've all been waiting a lot in the last 20 plus months. Waiting for things to change, waiting for things to correct themself, waiting to live the life we believe we should be living.

All year long I've been doing monthly psychospiritual coaching calls for people who are tired (so tired!) of waiting. Every one of them is itching to move specific things forward in their life especially because it feels like specific things are holding them back.

I've always said that the opposite of waiting was creating, and it really and truly is. And each month I get to create and strategize another piece of a newly aligned upgraded path forward with each of these lovely gals to suit their particular needs.

It's been a juicy creative year all the way around. And unlike me, waiting for a "likely" date to bond with my new Bosch, I want you to know that you can start YOUR monthly psychospiritual coaching calls whenever it suits you.

It's November. Already. Maybe you want to start now and get a jump on the new year. Maybe you want to get things moving along before the Christmas season starts to ramp up. Or maybe you want to start next month. Or the next.

The point is, you're the one in charge. There's no disrupted supply chain when it comes to you being supported and elevated in all aspects of your life.

That said, you can check out both the Accountability Journey and Breakthrough Support, whenever you want. Personally, I'm off to buy dishwashing gloves now. Damn it.

Love, Jonni
Dreaming of a new dishwasher (before a white Christmas)

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