I lost my necklace yesterday. It was my new one - a shiny sparkly dragonfly necklace from my bestie. It wasn’t even 2 weeks old yet.

You know the feeling when you reach your hand to your throat to fiddle with your necklace and you come up empty-handed? Right. And she was right beside me when I did this and asked me what was wrong.

I did the usual. Looked around my personal space, jumped up and down in case it slipped into my bra or hair. (I lose a lot of stuff to those hiding places.)

It was nowhere.

But I had just arrived for a visit and I wasn’t going to panic. My bestie phoned my last location - Starbucks, naturally - and put them on alert. I knew I would leave in 20 minutes or so and retrace my steps. What else could I do?

When I left her place, I drove to ‘big bucks coffee’ again, carefully looked around, talked to the gals, then went home and retraced my steps there. Nothing.

But inside, I didn’t feel like I’d lost it. Inside, I felt like it just flew away for a while and sooner or later it would fly back.

What a strange feeling.

I had no other choice but to sit down to work. It was a typical day, blah blah blah, and then in the afternoon, I remembered I needed to do some errands. One of the errands was right beside the Starbucks. I did all the errands and just when I was about to go home, I wandered back to Starbucks to have another look.

And there it was. Suddenly. On the cement, near the entrance. A place I had looked earlier. Of course.

None of the patio tables filled with patrons saw it, even though it was right beside them all, diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. It was so obvious but I had never seen it the first time and no one else saw it either in the 6 hours since I had been there.

I reached down, picked it up and held it firmly in my palm. And inside myself, I heard, “I’m always here, even if you don’t see me. I’m never lost. I’m never gone. I’m always yours.”

Big breath.

Dragonfly symbols have always represented my son, Connor, ever since he left the planet. He shows up in a dragonfly form and gets my attention in unusual ways. It always makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

He reminds me he’s never gone, he’s alive as energy and sometimes transmits that energy through the form of a dragonfly. It gives me a thrill. He knows it.

Over the years I’ve worked with the energy known as Sage, I’ve come to believe in the truth of energy more and more. I was never a big fan of three-dimensional reality alone. I always sensed and felt there was more.

Didn’t you?

I went public with my channelling of Sage just months before Connor suddenly exited the planet. No coincidence there.

In the last 8 years, I’ve brought through over 40 MasterCourses, 6 paperback books, and countless personal messages for those who take the MasterCourses.

I know the energy of Sage just like I know the energy of Connor. When you have friends in high places, you use those contacts for others. It’s my contribution to the massively changing times we’re living in right now.

Yesterday I introduced the Fall MasterCourse and listed all the you-need-these goodies that went along with it. (If you missed that list, check them out here.) I wanted to give you as much value as I could squeeze in to support you during this time.

But what I didn’t say, was that the best reason to say ‘yes’ to taking the Fall MasterCourse is the same thing I heard inside me yesterday. Because support is always here, even if you don’t see it. It’s never gone. It’s always available for you.

So I encourage you to trust the feeling you have inside that’s telling you the same thing. The Fall MasterCourse is the support made visible. Now it’s your turn to see it and pick it up.


Love, Jonni, dragonfly rider

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