I had a playdate with my soul sister Cheryl, today, in my own hood. In the 25 years I've been friends with Cheryl, that's never ever happened.

Since moving to the coast 11 years ago, anyone who knows me knows I don't like to leave here, so if they wanted to see me, they pretty well had to take the ferry. And even then, I wasn't too keen.

And then, when my son went 'off-grid' 8 years ago, I REALLY didn't want to leave the coast. Or see others. I hunkered in and slowly started to fade.

It was understandable. Everyone gave me time. And there's no end to how much time one needs when one loses the love of their life, their only child.

Oh, I had my work which kept me alive and connected. I had my friendships, my marriage, my beloved coast, but I was fading, hiding, and I knew it.

And so did Cheryl.

Over the years she kept our relationship going - thriving actually - by phone. We usually talked daily. Processing, elevating, being real and raw - all of it. But we rarely saw each other. Years would go by between physical visits. 

And then COVID happened and..well...everyone had their own response to the energetic changes of life. And for Cheryl, that meant that she and her family would move to the Sunshine Coast.

Which they did. Last week.

At first, I wasn't sure how I was going to respond with my bestie moving down the road. How was I going to keep hiding? 

But then I realized that for me, COVID woke me up to the next leg of my purposeful journey.

I was built for life's disruptions. And I have the navigational tools to help others through them as well. To help them see, connect, and move toward their purposefulness.

And so suddenly, I didn't want to fade anymore. And just like that my bestie moved down the street. 

She undoubtedly wants more playdates now. And so do I.


Love, Jonni, no longer the invisible woman

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