Feb 09, 2021

I grew up in the era of hand me downs, leftovers, and sharing a bed with my sister. A single bed. There were 2 single beds with 4 girls in one bedroom.

We had one bathroom for 6 of us. One phone that we shared with 6 other households. A party line they called it.

We weren't poor. That was country-normal in the '60s. And we didn't know any different and we didn't expect any different.

But if I had been offered my own bed much less my own bedroom, I would have jumped at the chance. 2 bathrooms? Sign me up. Privacy on a phone? My teenage heart would have burst.

Who wouldn't love being offered more?

I was thinking about all that last month as I was getting ready to offer more to YOU. You only know what you know. And you're usually fine until you find out there's more you can have. Am I right?

So I was thinking about how I've been offering one-on-one sessions for almost 30 years now. And how I've actually been channelling the universal truth for almost the same amount of time. And for most of those years, I didn't mix the 2 up.

Until now.

Maybe it's because I'm ready or maybe it's because you're ready. Probably both.

I just know it's super exciting for me. It feels like not only am I getting my own bed and bedroom but my own ensuite and private phone kind of exciting.

I do know that it feels like I'm in the right place at the right time to offer my unique mix. I mean, there's conscious talk therapy and there's deep diving, and I believe in both.

I believe in one-on-one talk support AND personalized channelled messages from Sage.

I'm not a psychic. I'm a psychotherapist and a channeller.

If you connect to a psychic, it's because you want them to tell you things you don't know and you're not able to access on your own.

But I can connect to you and your soul and remind you of things you've forgotten, things buried so deep inside they'll give you whole body chills and aha rushes when they reach the surface.

Are you getting excited too? Cool. I've got lots more to tell you because I've been feeling this coming for a while. I just wanted to give you a head's up because spring is coming up differently this year. Are you feelin' it?


Love, Jonni, ready for more

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

Maybe a trusted confidante dropped my name, or maybe you fell down an internet rabbit hole in search of a spiritual psychologist. Or, who knows, maybe the stars aligned and you found me on Insta. However it happened, I'm here for you. However it happened, I'm glad the universe brought us together. Ready to explore the cosmos of your inner self with a trusted confidante?

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