Happy Thanksgiving. Do you have any plans this weekend? Are you looking forward to them? (That's not rhetorical; I'm really asking.)

I'm having dinner with my bubble friends. 👏  (Thanks to COVID, from now on, they will always be known as my 'bubble friends'.) 

We'll have fantastic food and conversation. And maybe play a game. Something that will have us in stitches in no time. ("I can't believe you said that. Out loud!"🤣 )

But mostly, I'm planning on being present and lovingly attentive to those around me 🥰. - husband, friends, cats, the produce guys at my local grocer, the boss-gals digging through the huge boxes of decorative gourds and miniature pumpkin at the shops. 

This year, I've noticed I've really upped my 'ability to be present, without agenda or judgment game'. And I'm really thankful for that.

Everyone has really shown me they're on their own journey, their own way, at their own pace. AND that they're not all going in the same direction either. 👣  

And that's okay.

At first, it felt like chaos, and my inner self screamed for order. 😱. That was the old version of me.

This year, it feels as though I've been able to watch and engage with anyone and everyone - especially those I'm most intimate with - without attachment to what they're doing or what they're NOT doing, to how they're doing it or NOT doing it. It's all become rather gentle and graceful. And that feels so. much. better. (hashtag: highly recommended)

🤎  It's been a while since I emailed you a channelled message from Sage. I bring through their messages for the (by invitation-only) Collective - those taking the seasonal MasterCourses - and for those who sign up for an All Access Pass which is your own personal channelled message & conversation with me. So basically, I'm bringing through channelled messages every single day these days. 

But Thanksgiving is special. And the times we're living in are asking more from us. I'm in for that. Are you?

"Coming together, gathering, bringing awareness to the level of appreciation or gratitude, is the imprint for some on the planet at this time, to the degree it follows a ritual, a pattern, and often an opportunity to gather, to feast, to converse.

Many of you look forward to this time of the calendar year, for the moments are infused with memories you wish to repeat again and again. Although your holiday time of Thanksgiving is not a global awareness, we wish to point out that no day of the calendar year fully is. 

The dates on your calendar are there to bring focus and attention, so it is setting the intention for many to remember, and to set a more focused way of organizing and behaving.

Your human's intention of specific days and times on the calendar was created for the desire to re-member, to refocus, to realign. 
It gives you the opportunity to collect, to gather, and to reinstate the intention of the chosen dates.

As Sage, we have spoken of planetary magnetic frequency energetics, we have spoken of imprints on the planet that occur every year, creating conditioning of patterns, and we have spoken of seasonal changes, for it is the pronouncement of more masculine or feminine drive that assists as a current energy of influence. 

With these influences present, at this time, each of you is now brought to the awareness of, “Ah, it is that time of year again. What are my choices for how I wish to experience? What are my expectations? How can I align those with my choice and intentions?

Do I want to gather and uplevel conversation? Do I want to create new ways of seeing others? Do I want to take this time and allow myself to be more still, more quiet?"

Each of you has the mindset and awareness to realize you are co-creating every step of your life. The choices of how to live, how to engage, how to represent, how to be, at these momentous times of year, are where your full creation occurs. You can do what you intend to do, and allow that to be your strength of commitment of intention. So when you step back in hindsight, when you look at how you lived through this Thanksgiving, this time of year, the gift will be one of perspective and reflection, reminding you that you had choice, that you harnessed that choice, and that you lived it fully.

This is your responsibility at this time on the planet."

Love, Jonni+Sage

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