I laid in bed last night with things I would never think about in the middle of the day. Things like how old my paternal grandmother and grandfather were when they died?

I don't know why this was in my mind, but at 4:32 am it felt important to get a sense of longevity in my biology, for starters.

In the middle of the day, I suddenly remembered my 4:32 am thought. Although the details of it all are specific to me, I was able to put some pieces of the puzzle together to answer why I was having semi-conscious thoughts like that, to begin with.

So, here's what I know.

At this time of year when we turn from October to November, there's a series of options laid out for each one of us. Paths to take. Choices to make.

Think of them as 3 choices.

None of them promises a better future or a happier life. That would be too easy.

But each path gives you the freedom of choice. And the key to making that choice is found when you're quiet and centred.

When you're calm and internally focused, the choice flows from your state of being. The choice is aligned with your quiet, centred, mature self.

It's not in reaction to something. It's not second and third guessing. It's not calculating the pros and cons.

Making a choice is intuitive.


This entire year has been about change and shifting. Subtle change and shifting. But they add up.

As November approaches, choices start popping up, choices that maybe only you see. Choices that are specific to you.

The default position is to choose based on stability and security. Or at least perceived stability and security.

But the intuitive choice isn't a default position. It can't be calculated or measured in the same way.

The intuitive choice comes from your quiet, centred connection to the heart of humanity, the heart of each other. It comes from the depth of your heart. And right now, it's asking you to trust it.

Up till now, it feels like the universe has been giving everyone some slack time. Time to delay making choices.

But no more.

Things are moving faster. The speed is increasing. That means the speed of making choices is increasing too. You're going to need to make faster and faster decisions.

In the past, you had more luxury of time to make choices. But now, you're going to need to cultivate a deeper level of trust in your intuition.

That doesn't mean sacrificing your security or your physical comfort. When you make a decision based on your intuition, your physical needs are taken care of. Think of it as part of the package.

I've always said that the greatest gift we have is the freedom of choice. You can abuse this gift by refusing to choose or by delaying or postponing a choice. But that's really just delaying your joy and abundance. And that's denying your future. Or at least the future you hope for.

When you make an intuitive heart-based soulful choice, you contribute to the evolution of the planet. Like I was saying, subtle shifts add up.

You can start by practicing your calm and centred state of being. Every day.

That doesn't mean thinking about your choices. It means creating an intuitive space in your being. Then seeing your choices as pathways.

Or maybe you'll wake up at 4:32 and see the choices that are specific to you. 😉

Either way, if you need help with this, let's talk.


Love, Jonni
happily creating my future

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