Feb 23, 2021

Here's something you may not know. I've never been very woo-woo.

I know, I know. I spent mega-years as a past-life regression therapist in Vancouver. I held regular groups and did thousands and thousands of one-on-ones with lots of woo-woo people. And plenty who weren't.

As a trained transpersonal psychotherapist (yes, that's 9+ years in university), I found that doing regression work was the best subconscious mind tool in my toolbox. So I used it. A lot.

You didn't have to believe in past-lives to do 'the work'. You didn't have to 'speak spiritual'. There were no crystals or vision boards in my office. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It was just not my focus.

Sure, I attracted a lot of woo-woo people, because *past-lives* does that.

But really, my focus was on you. And I knew to meet you where you were - woo-woo or otherwise.

I knew that *you* knew the truth - about your confusing situation, your strange symptoms, your irrational reactions, your greater visions, your blocks and limitations - even if it was buried inside you.

And it usually was.

And that's why I used the subconscious tool of regression therapy - because it gave YOU the power to look inside and find metaphors or memories to explain and shift how you thought and how you lived.

It was as simple and as complex as that.

Someone asked me the other day if I still do past life regression work. I said no, but I thought about it afterwards and tried to remember what happened to that thread.

I started channelling privately around the same time I started doing regression work publically. I never thought of channelling as woo-woo. Still don't.

To me, channelling is a powerful access and connection tool. Like regression work, channelling provides insights and explanations that connect the dots and hit the spots so I can shift my thoughts and behaviours.

So one day I started channelling for others. Giving them channelled messages. I knew I was still meeting them where they were and giving them insights that were buried inside them. And just like the regression work, the channelled messages helped them claim their own power back so their thoughts and behaviours shifted, opened up, made sense.

And that's why I decided to offer All Access Pass. Because I'm a psychotherapist and a channeller and I believe in using the best tools I have to help you remember the truth. The whole truth. Woo-woo or not.

Jonni, polishing her tools in her toolbox


PS) I know I said I wasn't "very woo-woo". That's because I think of myself as integrated woo-woo, but I'll leave that for another post.

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