I didn't want to know what that sticky stuff was, so I walked past it day after day.

It was under the bathroom vanity - you know, those drawers you keep everything in. 

One of mine is literally a junk drawer. It has everything I think I may need and everything I bought but never used. Well, maybe once.

My bathroom vanity drawers have lotions and potions of every kind. Nailpolishes and remover from the 90s (I think). All kinds of bath bombs and salts and scrubs. Did I mention I don't have a bathtub?

I have two bathroom drawers and they're both deep and wide. And like a woman's handbag, the bigger the bag, the more stuff you wind up carrying. 🤦‍♀️

I use the top drawer for the things I need to grab right now and don't want to go looking for: toothbrush, face soap, tweezers (for chin hairs mostly, sad truth), hair scrunchies, my current favourite face cream. 

But the 2nd drawer is like my grandma's attic - scary, yet I know it's all going to be my responsibility someday.

So today, I walked into the bathroom with my glasses on. Big mistake. I saw everything. Up close and personal. I never knew I shed so much hair. And it was everywhere.

Yes, I clean my bathroom, but I don't like to do it with my glasses on. For obvious reasons. And before COVID, I was lucky enough to employ 2 gals who cleaned everything. The world has changed.

Cut to today.

As I entered the bathroom, I looked past all the Jonni-hairballs and saw the pool of sticky stuff under the vanity. Again. I didn't mean to. But I couldn't avoid it with glasses on.

I put on my Sherlock hat (metaphorically; you knew that, right?) and summoned up the courage to open the suspected leaking drawer. A got a whiff of rancid nut butter, but I knew that couldn't be right, so I rolled up my sleeves (literally this time) and grabbed a bucket, 'Green Works', and a handful of old towels and got to work purging and spraying and shaking my head in disbelief.

It took all of 18 minutes to clean the drawer to spic and span. I found the leaking castor oil circa 2001 bottle and it was the first thing to go. Followed by 3 flowery shower caps (not mine; very strange), all bath products (just watch me get a tub now; I know how this works, Tub Fairies!), all things related to do-it-yourself pedicures (as if! 🤣), and on and on.

And then I was done. It felt SO GOOD to have a clean vanity drawer, to know what's in there now, to feel on track and organized.

A little bit of denial isn't always a bad thing, but a persistent pattern of denial - no matter how small - adds up.

I can be as guilty as the next person in practicing denial. And I use that word accurately. Denial IS a practice. We know we're in denial. We know we're being covert or distracting ourselves or excusing ourselves or any other pattern that supports the denial.

Until one day, we decide not to be. And that day changes everything. And like I said, it feels SO GOOD.

Okay, your turn. Where are YOU currently in denial? What don't YOU want to look at - but you know it's time?

Let me know. I love a good denial story.

And if your denial needs my professional expertise (as opposed to my *ahem* bathroom cleaning skills), let me know that as well. I'll let you know if and how I can help you clean out your drawer (yes, that was metaphorical; you're good at this). 


Love, Jonni, Mr. Clean's Ex-Wife

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