Fall feels like it began early this year. The weather suddenly changed. Thankfully. The desire to regroup, reorganize, recreate is suddenly strong. 

More than the sights and smells have changed, so knowing the astrological energetics and influence can give you a head’s up for the season ahead.

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( the other day - before the actual Fall Equinox. I knew it was time to dive deeper into the astrological perspective of fall 2021. 


JONNI: It’s been an eventful summer as you know, Marielle. I feel the change of season, and I know the fall equinox is next Wednesday, so what’s the general atmosphere for fall 2021 according to the planetary influences?

MARIELLE: The fall equinox will be on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Virgo to move into Libra. The day and the night are each of 12 hours. A time of balance and appeasement. 

This year, the equinox gets a bit of homework to bring along into the fall season. Indeed, two days prior, on September 20th, there will be a Full Moon at the very end of Virgo/Pisces. 

Any planet at the end of any sign always suggests that a work in progress is not complete and should be taken into account when starting the next chapter. 

JONNI: Oh, that’s interesting. Can you give us an example? 

MARIELLE: Of course. When children started school this year, even though it is a new scholar year, it seems pretty general that the teachers are reviewing programs that were supposed to be completed last year. We all remember how challenging the previous school year was. Thanks to the technology, teachers were able to teach remotely, but this was clearly not the ideal situation either.

And in regards to the economy in general: businesses are slowly returning toward their expected level of activity; farmers have suffered a lack of rain or forest fires, etc. It seems that we’re moving into the fall with some business still in progress as if we are still a few steps behind.

JONNI: I get that now, yes. It makes sense. And so the fall equinox? 

MARIELLE: The natal chart for the equinox brings the Sun very conjunct to Mars, the planet of action (and anger). The Moon is in Mars’ ruled Aries. Libra's ruler, Venus is in Scorpio and in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. 

What that means is, there’s no doubt that harmony and goodwill may be a work in progress. It’s an atmosphere that can become easily volatile. The tiniest spark could explode the 'house', so to speak. Even though Libra is known for being THE sign of diplomacy, it may be hard to match this quality now! We’ll be wise to remember that kindness, patience, and respect are always better policies than ruthlessness and bullying.

The economy also remains a hot topic this season. Will the governments manage the resources well? It is possible that some investments towards the development of the economy will remain void because of a lack of workers to assume the work. The lack of staff in most domains may continue to be a serious problem.

JONNI: Right. Good to know! Okay, I know that many of those that are called the outer planets have been in their yearly retrograde this summer. How will that change going into fall?

MARIELLE: That’s right! Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will finish their summer retrogradation in October and become direct; Neptune will finish in December; Uranus started its retrogradation in mid-August and goes until mid-January 2022. 

This is a situation that repeats itself around the same dates every year. In the summer, their retrogradation brings us into slowing down, enjoying the summer, watching reruns on TV. And when they become direct again, we re-engage more naturally in our long-term regular activities. 

JONNI: How perfect. And of course, Mercury will go retrograde again this season.

MARIELLE: Yes, Mercury goes retrograde three times every year. It is just about to start its third and final round this year from September 27th to October 17th. This whole cycle will be in the sign of Libra. 

JONNI: Oh? How will that make the retrograde different?

MARIELLE: Well, it’s clearly an invitation towards refining our communication style, to remember tolerance, empathy, and diplomacy.

JONNI: I like that!

MARIELLE: Yes! Me too. During Mercury's cycle, one wants to be careful about misunderstandings; mistakes, delays, losing or finding lost items are also possible. It’s a good time to study, review, and teach. It’s an excellent time for writers or anyone working in the communication field. It’s not recommended to launch a book or to sign contracts though. Better to wait until Mercury is direct again.

It’s also advisable to sleep on important decisions, especially if one feels enthusiastic about something. The wind could turn the other way a few days later making you want to change your mind. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s too late.  

JONNI: And we also have eclipse season this fall. Can you give us the details and specific meaning of them?          

MARIELLE: An eclipse occurs when a luminary is covered by the shadow of another celestial body meaning the Earth or the Moon.

We’ll have a partial eclipse of the Moon at the Full Moon on November 19th, 2021. Planet Earth will be between the Sun and the Moon producing this shadow on the Moon.

The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Taurus. Again, we have a situation with Sun-Moon at the very end of the signs they occupy. It seems that we’ll continue to overlap the old over the new for a while longer. 

The eclipses make whatever atmosphere is deployed all around us, a bit more intense. Here it seems that the world is becoming much more centred, in a state of observing and holding what is, rather than really forging ahead. A sort of standstill, perhaps to try catching up with what our society is dealing with. 

JONNI: Your ‘perhaps’ resonates with me!

MARIELLE: Then, on December 3rd, 2021, we’ll have a total eclipse of the Sun at the New Moon. That’s when the Moon is between planet Earth and the Sun. 

The Full Moon is a peak, a climax, an achievement. The New Moon is a new beginning. Here, we are in the middle of Sagittarius. Hope and joy seem to progressively return. Some projects may finally move forward more easily; social relations are probably becoming more natural and enjoyable. Let’s not forget that we’re still living with the pandemic. Things are still restricted to a degree but there seems to be a real light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

JONNI: I will hang my hat on your last line this season, Marielle. Especially, “real light”. Love that. Thank you for making sense of the Sun, Moon, and planets and their orbits in the coming months. They’re not decorations. They’re powerful forces of influence, and you give words to their energy. It’s appreciated.

MARIELLE: As always, it is such a pleasure to meet with you, Jonni, and all these wonderful people in our community of spirit. Wishing you all the very best in this season. Let’s meet again before the Winter Solstice.


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