Jul 23, 2020

It's ThrowbackThursday and I'm thinking of a picture of my son, Connor when he was a little muffin top.

He wanted to plant an herb garden because he wanted to dig and hoe and water just like mommy. I guided him to plant his own garden so he could connect with the energy of life through creation and care. I knew him to be sensitive and wanted to cultivate that quality. I remember his favourite part of gardening was "cutting some (s)prigs for mommy when she cooked"

Connor would take the grown-up scissors and carefully cut me some chives or parsley or rosemary or whatever I asked for. I rarely asked him for sage though and he always said, "Don't you want sage yet?". I'd laugh and say something like, "Not today, sweetie; not today."

It had been his idea to plant sage. He fell in love with the porcelain garden tag that said 'sage' when we saw it in a local shop, so I bought it, along with another 6 or 7 other ones. 

Connor told me sage was coming. I didn't know what he was talking about, but he insisted on it. He asked me for a box for sage. So I found a shoebox, and together we decorated it and labelled it 'Sage's Box of Treasures'. In it, he carefully placed everything he loved but had outgrown - toys, books, shoes.

I watched him, not knowing what it was all about. And he kept planting more seeds of clues, keeping sage ever in my mind.

It would take a few more years before SAGE - the acronym for Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment - would come through and my channelling would begin.

I kept my channelling fairly private for many years. But a few months before my son exited the planet I knew it was time to go public with Sage and incorporate the deeply cultivated work into my service as a transpersonal (psychospiritual) psychotherapist. 

Connor had done what he came here to do. He had told me Sage was coming. He had been with me for those cultivating years. And then he passed the baton to Sage and quietly left the planet.

(*Inhale*) And so I garden nowadays and remember the past. The story. The details. The purpose and plan. 

Memories are breadcrumbs. We can follow them easier in hindsight. And summer is the perfect reflective time to do that - to space them out and connect them together. To find the path they were leading us on. To shake our head when we see the coincidences and synchronicities.

With every plant I water and snip and smile at when they flourish, I remember those early gardening days and I know that it's me who's now being guided to connect with the energy of life through creation and care.

Love, Jonni, the gardener

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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