Have you seen these words on the back of a car near you? I have. The first time I read them, I laughed out loud. And smiled. Because they're funny. AND true. 

As a society, we've been focused on achievements, accomplishments, and bragging rights for a long time now, and it's very freeing to focus on the whole, rather than the perceived best. I've seen more than enough versions of 'Proud Parent of an Honor Student', haven't you?

That's why I love how real those words are, on the back of the car. Not that feeling proud of your accomplished child isn't real. It's just not all there is.

So to single out their shining achievement and boast about it, isn't really about them, but rather, about their achievement. Which in turn makes those who don't focus on achievements, feel less than.

To me, being real is being accepted for all that we are, rather than the best that we accomplish.

Real has a range, and it's inclusive of everything in the range. It's not just achievement or popularity. One slice or highlight.

Real is whole, all of it, inclusive. Real asks us to accept it all and be okay with it all.

Right now on the planet, there's a whole heckovalot of posturing. A lot of notice me, notice me. People will brag, make up stories, hide the truth. They'll feel shame. They'll blame. And it doesn't have to be that way.

I believe it's ongoing because people judge and feel judged. In a world based on judgment, someone's keeping score. So the more likes, the more followers, the more brags and dollar signs and stars a person has, the more they're winning. Or are they?

I don't want to focus on one side or the other - the good or the bad, the highs or the lows. I want to see them all. To honour them all. To accept them all. And to maybe focus on keeping that gap as short as possible. Know what I mean?


Love Jonni,

not keeping score


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