Aug 14, 2020

Someone stepped forward to hug me yesterday and I froze. Then I jumped back.

I didn't step back. I literally jumped.

Now I know that in the Age of COVID, we don't hug. And the person attempting to hug me knows that too. But because he was moving away and this was likely the last time we would ever see each other, I expected he was operating from the Exception Rule. But coronavirus doesn't honour that rule, so, NO.

I thought about it all later and realized that this was more than about COVID. For me, it was definitely about hugging.

So I put some thought into my hugging history before COVID.

If you had been a client of mine when I used to see people in person (pre-2012), we likely hugged at the end of a deeply personal and vulnerable session. It wasn't always and it wasn't with everyone, but hugging was very often the intimacy exchange.

I hugged my friends. I hugged trees. I don't call what I do with cats and dogs, hugging, but it's close. 

And I doubt I would have even looked at my hugging practice unless COVID made me. But it did. So I am.

My son Connor was an off-the-charts hugger. Extraordinary. Deep, soulful, deliberate, electric - his hugs rocked my world.

In the 8 years since he's been off-grid, I've learned (through him) how to virtual hug, how to energetically hug, how to move my intention energetically without making it physical.

I had to. I missed his hugs, his presence, his contact. And so he showed me how to NOT miss them.

Connor showed me how to extend hugs into another dimension. And that's what I've been doing. Hugging energetically, soulfully, but not physically, since 2012. 

Oh, I've had the occasional girlfriend hug, but now that COVID is our physical reality, even that is not in my operating system anymore. 

To put it plainly, I don't miss physical hugging because I've upped how to hug. Which isn't to say the physical, the skin, the nervous system, et al, isn't highly significant and necessary for touch. It is.

What I'm saying though is, I'm aware that there's another choice. And right now, choice feels good to have.

Do YOU miss hugging? Why? What are you doing to support that through this no-hug time? Hit me back and let me know. 

Love, Jonni, hugger-ninja

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