Sep 15, 2022

Those of us in the northern hemisphere welcome the leaf-strewn season of fall on Thursday, September 22nd. Summer has been hot, long, and...complicated. So fall promises to be a change, a reboot, a turning of the page (or leaf, as it were). 

The influences of the planets above really do affect each one of us. That's why I have a conversation each season with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( Knowing the planetary energetics and influences gives us more understanding of our emotions and thoughts so we can choose our actions more intentionally.


JONNI: I believe the Fall Equinox is interestingly positioned this year, is it not?

MARIELLE: Oh, yes. The Fall Equinox will occur on September 22nd, 2022, at 6:03 pm, PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Virgo (harvest) to go into Libra (balance) - an interesting combination of energies, indeed.

First, we still have the ‘slow-moving’ planets in their retrograde cycle although getting closer to their direct motion. That is Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (dates in under Planets).

JONNI: And what do those slow-moving retrograding planets mean for us? 

MARIELLE: Well, it means we get into the fall season with much work undone or unfinished, perhaps lots of hope, expectations, and promises not yet delivered.

A feeling of slow motion persists perhaps due to the lack of staff in most areas, delays in delivering products such as machine parts, vehicles, and whatnot.

It's as if we continue with the same side effects post-pandemic, causing the world to remain in some state of adjustment or adaptation to circumstances that were not so visible before.

JONNI: I get that, yes. Those are the external representations of the planetary influences. How it looks.

MARIELLE: And making things a bit more sluggish, it just so happens that even Mercury is in its retrograde cycle at the time of the Equinox.

Mercury and the Sun are both at 0 degrees in Libra. So communication is the star of the show in this season but, hey, not necessarily in a very effective manner.

Indecision, change of mind, delays, misunderstanding, and having to go back on work poorly done or done without proper information, could all permeate the atmosphere.

When the flow resists, it's better to surrender than to fight against it.

JONNI: Definitely. Then what's the best part of the season with these influences?

MARIELLE: Well, this certainly is a season for us to reconnect with people, to reactivate our social life, to have fun within the means of our daily life, to mingle and remember that people exist in real life beyond the scope of our fabulous electronic devices, especially for another very good reason. A New Moon occurs right on the heels of the Fall equinox, on September 25th, with Sun-Moon conjunct at 1 degree in Libra. This is a clear calling toward reconnecting with our people, and even expanding our social connections further.

Grace and harmony are the most vibrant frequencies of this New Moon in Libra. And, we need to remember and practice that attitude in the new ‘bashing’ culture that's rampant on most social media. We can certainly remind each other that kindness can go a much further than any disruptive style of communication. We’re in this world TOGETHER. Not in a ‘us versus them’ type of reality (even though it is easy to think that way).

JONNI: I fully agree. Now, Mars is also going retrograde this fall season, is it not? And what influence can that have on us?

MARIELLE: Yes, Mars is going into its retrograde cycle from October 30th to January 12th, 2023, all the way within the sign of Gemini. 

Mars is masculine, active, vibrant, fast, quick, and impulsive. It can be impatient, angry, and even violent. In Gemini though, this is probably the easiest sign for this Mars retrograde cycle.

Gemini is a sign of communication, curiosity, and connection. Mars here may stimulate people toward much openness, exploration, and creativity that they can spread themselves too thin, ending up unable to complete what they started. That’s all right, though. Just make sure you don’t promise anything to others that should be honoured or delivered in a specific delay as that might not happen. It's good to splurge and try new things, many new things, and many new connections. Then, when Mars becomes direct again, you’ll have plenty to pick from, you can discard a lot, and select the cream of the cream. 

JONNI: And finally, eclipse season will be back again this fall, won't it?

MARIELLE: Yes, in the Summer season we were spared the eclipses, but they return in the fall. There'll be a New Moon on October 25th, at 3:48 am, PDT, with a partial eclipse of the Sun, right at the beginning of Scorpio, and a conjunction of Moon-Sun-Venus at 2 degrees in Scorpio.

After the effervescent energy of New Moon-Mercury Retrograde in Libra of last month (Marielle, what's "last month"? Do you mean September? Then we should say September.), we'll feel the need to retire into our private quarter for a short while. To take time to introspect, digest, recenter and ground. It's an excellent time for attending retreats, taking self-development programs, and establishing a deeper relationship with the self.

JONNI: Sounds perfect! 

MARIELLE: It certainly can be. Here's what I know about the moon cycles.

The New Moon is the beginning of the moon cycle. She becomes the “mother” of the following Full Moon. The New Moon eclipse on October 25th will give ‘birth’ to ‘her child’, the Full Moon, with a total eclipse of the Moon. It will occur on November 8th, at 3:02 am, PST where it will be exactly conjunct with Uranus in Taurus, both at 16 degrees.

The Moon is comfortable in Taurus; it's one of her favourite signs. She may find this period a bit disruptive though as Uranus is the master of unexpected situations. And this may translate socially and privately as greater evidence that food supplies, farmlands, and perhaps even more people facing “famine” are becoming more alarming. That we have no choice but to take ‘the bull by the horns’ to drastically solve such issues.

JONNI: That sounds very clear. I appreciate all these insights. Let's talk again at the beginning of winter. Have a spectacular fall season, Marielle.

MARIELLE: As always, it was a great pleasure to connect with you, Jonni, and all of our readers. Wishing you a creative season. Be well and loving. Looking forward to our conversation at the Winter Solstice.

JONNI: Sounds perfect! 


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