Jun 17, 2021

It's been very quiet in my neck of the woods. Oh sure, I talk to a lot of people in a day - by phone, through text and email, on Zoom.

I channel a lot of messages for those in the MasterCourse Collective and those who've signed up for an All Access Pass.

And I water a lot of plants - the greenhouse is thriving and my gardens are bursting. 

But in between those things, it's been pretty quiet.

I post at least a few times a day, every day, on Instagram. I express the universal truth, give some quickie excerpts from some of the work I'm bringing through, and share some behind-the-scenes photos and videos of my human life.

And I think about what I want to say in my next email newsletter. 

I started composing these email newsletters in 1997 if you can believe. I know some of you can. That was the year I hired Telus to create my first website too - It was basically one page - my brochure. LOL

Back then I wrote one email newsletter a month. 24 years later, I'm still consistently writing them - sometimes a few times a week, sometimes every week and a half. I've written almost a thousand now, although I don't keep an archive. For you or for me. I write them. You read them or not. They disappear into the ethers.

Some of you have been getting them for 24 years (🙋‍♀️ Hi, Karen!). And some of you have only been getting them for days ( 👋 Hi, Michele!).

The email newsletters have gone through a real metamorphosis over the years because my life has as well. But they're always my psycho-spiritual perspective, whether I'm talking about the current energetics, planetary & global influences, past lives, channelled insights, sharing my discoveries of life, death, soul, and the afterlife, and most recently COVID and other external representations of planetary change.

I try not to be too salesy in them, or at least not in most of them, but of course, my livelihood depends on keeping you informed of the deeper meaning of it all, so I like to remind you of how I can do that as a professional spiritual psychotherapist. (If you're ever in doubt, hit reply and ask me.)

All this to say, simply, but sincerely, hello, how are you? I'm just checking in with you. As I said, it's been very quiet in my neck of the woods. How's it going in yours? 

This Saturday I'm going to share the conversation astrologer Marielle Croft and I intend to have about the summer season and what to expect. You'll want to read the transcript. And take notes. And read them again as the summer progresses.

Until then, I'll be reflecting in the garden. And watering. The sun's here this week. We all need that, don't we?

Love, Jonni.

Let's call this email newsletter 1001 and counting. 🙌

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