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Let's Talk About Your Work

I’m seeing a lot of people wanting to change things up at work.

I love seeing so many people bringing in a much-needed evolution of viewpoint around work and the purpose of work.

I mean, we can’t really get around work; it’s part of the human experience and condition. 

Originally, work was the thing you did to survive. So work was very basic, like building a fire, finding food, finding shelter. Work was really about being able to live through to the next day. 

In many ways, survival was the first level in the evolution of work. But over the centuries, the perceptions and attitudes toward work have definitely shifted and adapted. And it still is.

Work went from hunting and gathering to industrial and mechanized times on the planet.

Now, with the influx of technology, with the greater awareness of humanity’s past, present, and future, with a new sense of contribution for all, work is being redefined and individuals are re-engaging with how they identify with work.

Are you one of these people too?

It used to be that the person who made and fixed shoes was the shoemaker and the person who cut and packaged meat was the butcher. The worker’s identity was shaped by what and how they contributed to society, how they shared or helped each other.

As industries continued to evolve, manufacturing plants and companies and offices became the most prevalent forms of work. That meant that the majority of people went to work outside the home and even outside the community.

Even today, the majority of people live in a repetitive loop of work.

They identify with their job. They wake up with that identity. They think of themselves as that identity. And unless they change that identity, they carry on in that way their whole career.

But there is a movement that’s getting bigger and stronger.

It’s an organic movement that thinks outside the box of singular work identity. Those in this movement no longer identify themselves as a singular activity or title. They are taking on multiple work identities because they recognize they are not limited human beings - but rather unlimited in multiple ways.

I believe those who think this way are tapping into an evolutionary collective energy field on the planet.

More and more people are looking at work at more than personal gain and instead, seeing it as a way to contribute to society in a  more meaningful way while servicing themselves and those they love.

And this movement is increasing the energetics on the planet, moving from human-only to human-as-soul.

When you bring your soul into your work you create a deeper definition of work. That means you are using the creative expression of the highest version of yourself through the tasks you do on a daily basis. 

So if you’re engaged in human-only work you become automatons in your approach to work. You punch the clock. You do the job. You long for the weekend, the holiday, retirement.

But soulful work means increasing how you see yourself and how you want to contribute. It means observing the world, or your community, and noticing what it needs and providing creative solutions.

When you look at the world with this expansive sense of contribution, the first thing that happens is you increase your creativity perspective.

When you are no longer bound by limited thinking, conflict thinking, stress thinking, you’ll see the world and the solution you want to share with the world and you’ll be juiced and excited and eager to begin.

Retirement? I don’t think so.

When you’re juiced and excited in this way, you won’t want to stop. You may reinvent your way of contributing. You may shift how and how much you contribute. But you’re not aligned with wanting to relax for the rest of your life.

What you want to do the rest of your life will be part of the collective contribution for self AND others. You’ll be saying, “How can I express my soul with others?”

What if you don’t ‘need’ to work anymore because you are financially stable? When you are aligned with the expansive feeling of your soul and the connection to humanity and the planet you’ll be saying, “I have the freedom and ability to deliver my creative solutions and help others create theirs.” 

When you are soulfully connected, your work isn’t work. It’s a passion in your heart, an urgency in your movements, an energized excitement in your voice.

Your work is a never-ending, love-fuelled desire to share and create with yourself and with others FOR yourself and FOR others. 

I have lots more to talk about on this subject. I just wanted to warm you up. 


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