Jul 22, 2020

I FIRST MET ROMEO - the 35 lb male, part Maine Coon, part something from another species? - when he came out from behind a sofa and spread himself out across my feet. 😻

He had been rescued by my neighbours 2 weeks before, but with a house full of dogs, cats, rabbits, and children, he was not able to thrive. And everyone deserves to thrive.

I FIRST FELL IN LOVE WITH ROMEO when he stared up at me with his seductive liquid-green eyes and started purring like a Harley Davidson. The invisible sign on his back said, "I belong to you". 💞

The year before, I had lost my only son, Connor, when a distracted driver ran a red light in a crosswalk and killed him. I was still in deep grieving and Romeo seemed to know.

I remember my husband, Blake, looked back and forth between me and Romeo. He saw our hearts connect and he knew we were not going to be going home without him. 🥰

When my nights were filled with grieving, Romeo comforted me. When I grew weary in the afternoons, Romeo more often than not, beckoned me for a nap beside him. And always, always, reminded me that I was loved.

As an indoor cat, Romeo had never been outside before and so over time and with lots of love and patience Blake and I introduced him to all things in nature. At first, he was a reticent student but soon learned to embrace his cat instincts and rose to be king. 👑

Far more dog-like than cat-like, Romeo went for daily (unleashed) walks with me around our acreage. He laid at our feet at mealtime. He sat on the porch and 'barked' when anyone came into the yard.

We put in a (medium-size dog) cat door, spread multiple dog beds around the house and deck, and added carpeted steps for him to walk up and down to our bed and sofa. At 35 pounds, we knew his joints were a concern. We did all we could to give him a forever home.

Romeo's in his rapidly declining years now. His dementia is obvious but those liquid-green eyes still penetrate with deep abiding love. He has been my grieving partner, my grieving companion, year in and year out. Grief knows no timeline; it’s never over.

My son, Connor, always said he would give me a grandDOG one day, and I know Romeo was sent from him.

I also know that Romeo will likely leave me soon, but I know he'll be joining my son Connor, so a hard as it will be, I've made peace with it all ahead of time.

Love is LOVE - eternal and in any form, and even formless. Remember that. Always.


Love, Jonni, Romeo-Lover

PS) If I'm new to you, let me introduce myself. I'm Jonni. I am a mom who lost her only son. I am a sister who lost all her siblings. I am a daughter who lost her mother and father.

I am also a transpersonal psychologist, a woke coach, a channeller, author, & 'outsourced' soul guide. I connect people with the deeper meaning of life - and loss.  If you want to find more meaning in the events of YOUR life - let's talk. 

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

Maybe a trusted confidante dropped my name, or maybe you fell down an internet rabbit hole in search of a spiritual psychologist. Or, who knows, maybe the stars aligned and you found me on Insta. However it happened, I'm here for you. However it happened, I'm glad the universe brought us together. Ready to explore the cosmos of your inner self with a trusted confidante?

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