🌝 Moonsplaining closes in 24 Hours⏳ - all aboard! 🚀🔥👩‍🚀

Apr 16, 2023

Hey there, Moonpie! 🌙🥧

I know you've been curious about my latest text message course, 'Moonsplaining'. And I don't blame you - who wouldn't want to tap into their inner lunar goddess and unlock the mystical power of the Moon? 🔮🌟

Well, if you're ready to manifest your dreams and simplify the process, then 'Moonsplaining' is the course for you. And I've made it even more accessible with two versions to choose from. 💫

The first version is tailored for self-starters who want the essential knowledge and tools to manifest their desires. 

But for those who want a more intimate and immediate experience with the Moon, there's Moonsplaining VIP. You'll get audio recordings and an additional 30 days of daily text messages that synchronize with the Moon's sacred offerings. It's like having me as your personal guide, walking around the Moon together and pointing out all the best spots. 🎧📲🌕

But here's the catch: VIP is limited to just 10 spots, and 8 of them have already been taken. So if you want in on this exclusive experience, you better act fast. ⏰ 

Both versions of 'Moonsplaining' include daily text messages delivered straight to your device every morning at 6 AM. You don't need logins and passwords. It's like room service or door dash. 📱🍴

And we're starting on Wednesday, which happens to be both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse - that's when the moon slides between the Sun and the Earth, throwing shade by blocking out the Sun's light. 😎🌚🌞

So don't miss your chance to join me and unlock the Moon's mysteries for yourself. Doors to 'Moonsplaining' close in just 24 hours, so sign up now before it's too late! 🚪💻


Love, Jonni

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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