Why is this Happening?

'Why is this happening?' is literally the #1 question people ask me - all day, every day. ⁠

Of course, they ask it in a lot of different and personal ways, like:

  • Why is this happening TO ME?
  • Why is this happening IN THE WORLD?
  • Why is this happening TO THE WORLD?
  • Why is this happening TO HIM? (OR HER, OR MY HUSBAND, CHILD, MOTHER, etc)
  • Why is this happening NOW?⁠

You get where I'm going here.

Like I said, it's the #1 question. And for good reason. So... I thought the #1 question deserved some MEGA-ATTENTION!

'Cause you could ask 'WHY?' to your brain and get a different answer every time you ask. Or you could ask 100 people and get 100 answers.

But that's not helpful. And it doesn't change anything.

When someone asks ME 'WHY?' I take a different approach.

Curious? I'll tell you all about it in the '4-Day Deep Dive' I'm doing later this month.

(Yes, I've named it now. It was an embryo. Now it's a fetus. And I'm giving birth on November 25th.)

I'm releasing 4 videos in the '4-Day Deep Dive' from November 25th to the 28th.

This is me, whetting your appetite for later this month. Is it working yet?⁠

Watch this space for more.

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