Our 9-lives cat died on the weekend. It was a very sudden ENDING*. 

That means we've lost both our cats in the span of just one year. So now we are unexpectedly cat-less. Life has paused and we can feel it. 

I said to my husband, we have a choice. We can either start an animal rescue sanctuary (meaning, bring 'em all on!) or we can not have another animal companion and instead start travelling. Because I don't travel well when I know we have animals at home.

He heard me and nodded, so we're currently in discussion. BEGINNINGS are happening.*

I know I'm not the only one feeling this 'pause in life', this standing on the cusp of endings and beginnings. But I'm the one sharing the real-life embodiment here. And I'm the one talking and teaching all about it in my new text-based course. 

I created the course because I could feel endings & beginnings as an energy and a reality. For everyone. And then my beloved Lucy showed me what that could look like for me.

**I talk more about 'sudden endings' and 'beginnings are happening' in 'Endings & Beginnings'. So if you're feeling this energy and reality as well, I'm right here, holding out my hand, asking you if you want to walk with me for a while as we talk about it.

Registration ends today, btw.

Love, Jonni. And Lucy.

There are no coincidences.

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