May 19, 2021

I’ve never washed my own car. That’s not a brag or a boast. It’s an admission that I’ve always had men in my life whose love language included being of service.

I got my first car when I was 28. The same time I got my first husband.

Wait, that didn't sound right. Let me try that again.

I bought my first car the same year I got married. Whew. Better.

My (first) husband had a Sunday morning ritual of washing our cars. Worked for me.

When I left him (nothing to do with his car washing, I can assure you), my son Connor took over detailing my car inside and out. He loved loving me that way.

Every 3 years or so he'd pick out another car for me to lease, and then he'd keep it shiny and bright every week.

When Connor was 18 and washing his own car as well as mine by then, I married again, and wouldn't you know it, my husband also loved washing my car inside and out to show his love for me.

The other day I calculated that I've had my lovely men wash my cars now for 33 years. And I thought, do I even know how to properly and thoroughly wash my own car? Do I want to find out?

No. No, I do not.

I consider myself an independent woman. I can either wash my own car, pay someone to do it for me, or allow someone who loves me to gift it to me. The choice is mine. And as long as I have choice, I'm good with that.

Which brings me, in a very roundabout way, to why I'm writing to you today. I've talked to a lot of people lately who feel they have little or no choice these days. They tell me they can't go where they want, do what they want, live how they want, etc.

I listen and then ask them, "Well, what's your choice? What choices do you have?"

I tell them it's not black or white. That their maturity and development will let them see more than this way or that. Have or have not.

The more developed we are, the more flexible and choice abundant we become. Yes, I said, 'choice abundant'. Isn't that an interesting phrase? I just made it up. #keeper

When you're choice abundant, you feel freedom, no matter what's presented to you. You can navigate your way through most anything, rather than feel stopped, stuck, and controlled.

Anyone can feel choice abundant when they stop and ask themselves what choices they have in a given situation. They may not always have it completely their way. They may have to execute some flexibility. But that's all part of maturity and development, isn't it?

If you need some guidance on seeing how choice abundant you are, let's talk. With the upcoming eclipses this month and next, and with the planet, Mercury, going retrograde for 3 weeks later this month, their influences on you may have you believe you have fewer choices than you really have. I'm wise to those illusionary perspective limitations and will pass on what I see when we talk.


Jonni, not washing my car this weekend. Again.




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