My son, Connor learned to drive stick by watched YouTube videos. He was 16 and obsessed with buying his first car. And then he saw his dream car. Online.

It was a '51 MG Replica with a '69 VW Beetle chassis. 1500cc 4-speed manual. He paid $5600 for it. Cash. He'd been saving all his life. Most of the money was $20s and $5s. I watched him count it out to the owner. He was gleeful to make the trade - cash for dream.

Then came the handshake and the longest pause I've ever witnessed. Why? Because Connor didn't know how to drive a standard car. He never even took the car for a test drive. His vision stopped when he bought his dream.

So...I stepped up and asked the gentleman to hold it a few days and we'd be back. And Connor got to work watching YouTube videos and practicing in his mind.

When the day came to drive his car home, I followed closely behind as he navigated the side roads with the clunkiness of a first-time driver. It was an experience for the books.

I look back to that time and smile. You only know what you know. Connor knew his dream but he didn't know how to execute it smoothly into reality.

It got me thinking that you might be feeling the same way too. That you have a dream but you don't know how to execute it smoothly into reality.

And that's where my new spring offer comes in. Because it's all about the dream AND the execution.

A few days ago I told you that as a psychotherapist and a channeller I can connect to you and your soul and remind you of things you've forgotten, things buried so deep inside they'll give you whole body chills and aha rushes when they reach the surface.

I'm talking about your dreams. Your visions. Your reasons for being. And it's more complex than you might think. Don't worry, I'll remind you. Because as a psychotherapist and a channeller for almost 30 years, I have the best combination of tools for the job.

I told someone the other day that depth is my lane. It's true. Depth is where I'm most comfortable and I work best. That's why I think I was built for the spring offering. And no YouTube videos needed.

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