And just like that, it’s summer. And with vaccines  #1 and #2 rolling along, it feels like a completely different summer than last year, doesn’t it? 

Warm weather, slowing down, time with friends and family - whatever you look forward to in the summer -  knowing the astrological energetics and influence can give you a head’s up so you’re swimming *with* the current, not against it. Always a good thing.

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (croftastrologer.com) the other day - a few days before the Summer Solstice. It was time to dive deeper into the astrological perspective of summer 2021. 


JONNI:  It’s always a treat to speak with you, Marielle. I know things are moving along a lot faster now, but what’s the general atmosphere or theme of summer 2021 according to the planetary influences?

MARIELLE: I am excited to meet with you and everyone again, indeed. The Summer Solstice occurs on Sunday, June 20th, this year, at 8:34 pm, PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Gemini to move into Cancer with the longest day and shortest night of the year.

Gemini time was really uplifting this last month. It transpired visibly in the world with confinement becoming less and less, thanks to the vaccines. People could finally make plans for their summer holidays – still with some restrictions, but there’s an air of promising return to a form of normal life progressively.

JONNI: Definitely. We’re feeling it.

MARIELLE: Now, with the Sun going into Cancer, the very sign for family and community gatherings, there are lots of hopes around that. Will the summer festivals occur? What about summer camps for kids? What about getting closer with our social circles? Can we visit and hug grandparents?

Probably yes for some of it but there seems to be a permanent ‘but’ to any opening taking place during the summer season. We are still not completely out of the woods. We still need to be mindful about the presence of the coronavirus and its variants. They are not gone and probably will stay forever.

Our realities have changed. In 10 years from now, looking back we’ll say that there was life before 2020 and life after. Returning to normal life doesn’t mean going back to the familiar normal we once knew before 2020.  So, yes, there is lots of excitement coming up for the summer season but it comes with the side effects of what the pandemic has caused.

For example, some of our favourite hubs may have closed for good, lots of businesses freshly reopened are having a hard time finding the staff they need because their former employees have found jobs elsewhere, etc.

JONNI: I can see that, yes, And what about working from home and the changes being asked of some people now?  

MARIELLE: Some people really liked working from home and don’t want to return to rush hour traffic and office work. The businesses that were enjoying the clientele of office workers at lunch or happy hour realize it’s not happening. That’s another big change in the local economy.

So, the atmosphere of this coming summer season carries joy, questions, hesitations, reorientation, and redefinition of priorities. The world is permanently changed and is slowly trying to form its emerging new persona.

The governments, as well as individuals, are all facing the unknown. Nobody knows for sure what the coming future will look like. There are lots of trying and seeing as we go, and it might continue like this for a while.

JONNI: I agree. I know we just went through eclipse season as another planetary influence. So, what can you tell us about the next Full Moon?

MARIELLE: The May 26th Full Moon was a total eclipse of the Moon. Then we had a spectacular eclipse of the sun at the New Moon on June 10th. Some amazing pictures of it have circulated abundantly on the web.

JONNI: I saw them, yes!          

MARIELLE: Now, as we move into the Solstice, we’re still in the aftermath of these eclipses and quite close to the June 24th Full Moon – no eclipse this time - but since the New Moon is the mother of the Full Moon (the Moon cycle beginning at the New Moon, that is), there’s still some of that eclipse atmosphere present.

JONNI: Interesting. So how could that influence our lives? 

MARIELLE: It’s as if we’ve lost some innocence during the pandemic, and now we’re more aware, more attentive, more cautious, too. There’s a certain form of new quiet wisdom taking place in the way we run our daily life. Maybe it’s a progressive acceptance of this new reality. Either way, the upcoming Full Moon is anchoring who we are becoming into our ways of being.

Did you notice that people’s behaviour changed during the pandemic? 

JONNI: Absolutely!

MARIELLE: Well, keeping a certain distance with people has become more spontaneous now. People don’t tend to reach out toward hugs or shaking hands anymore. That’s one form of being more conscious or attentive. The influence of the eclipses may establish these new tendencies as a permanent form of socializing.

JONNI: I know many people who would relish making those acts more conscious, less expected. Can we talk about Mercury? Everyone wants to know when it will no longer be retrograde?

MARIELLE: Mercury is in its 2nd of 3 rounds of retrograde cycles this year. It started retrograding on May 30th and will turn direct on June 22nd.

Mercury rules Gemini so it’s at home in that sign for this entire retrograde cycle. Gemini is about communication, education, spreading the news, linking this to that or that person with this other person.

During this particular retrograde cycle, there’s no doubt that lots of human relations have been re-established, thanks to the gradual deconfinement, for example.

There’s also lots of reviewing and reclassifying paperwork too. If people started transitioning from working at home to going back to the office, for example, this could mean lots of sorting out between what goes and what stays.

So reviewing, reorganizing, advertising, reshuffling, are all in high gears. And people organizing events must work with lots of uncertainty about how many people can attend in person or not, and if outdoors, what about the weather? Can they book big events at the last minute or should they cancel the whole program because the deconfinement is still a work in necessary snail pace progress?

JONNI: Oh yes, more of the uncertainty energetic, but lessening. Okay, I know there are other planets going through their retrograde cycles this summer as well. Can we touch on that? How can they influence us?

MARIELLE: Yes, just like clockwork, every year we find Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune all going retrograde for the summer with Uranus doing so in the fall.

These are planets active in the background of society life and structures. As they go retrograde, there’s a feeling that everything comes at a slower pace. We have a sense of completion before starting fresh later in the fall.

School is finished for the summer vacation; people go on holidays; TV shows are in rerun mode mostly. It’s a time when it seems easier to relax or to slow down in general but, of course, there are some sectors where slowing down is not an option such as in the field of health workers or in large industrial plants, etc. But for the rest of us, it’s a time to take a certain break before running forward again.

JONNI: Understood. Okay, in our last conversation you spoke to us about Pluto and how its style was to create chaos. We certainly saw that! Are things changing now because of Pluto’s influence? 

MARIELLE: Pluto continues to sit in Capricorn pretty much until later in 2023 but more permanently as of 2024. It’ll then go into Aquarius, which is a very interesting story altogether, but we’ll get into it in the near future.

For now, let’s just say that Pluto is an intense influence of polarization. Extremists or radicalization became much more present and visible than ever before. We also saw that actions for change became more pressing in the fields of racism, abuse of power, marital violence, sexual abuse, etc. And incidentally, all dark domains, linked to Pluto’s character.

An immense transformation of politics and culture needs to take place around these topics. Will it work at last? Well, it might! Pluto increases the power to reach one’s goals. It gives resilience and persistence. That’s true for honourable goals as well as their opposites. Pluto doesn’t act according to morals but rather to make things happen with force or forcefully. The outcome is linked to the intention of the actor. For better or worse.

JONNI: Got it. And is there any other configuration this summer that will or can affect things for us globally? 

MARIELLE: Well, we’ll continue to have Saturn in Aquarius holding a square to Uranus in Taurus all year.

JONNI: And what does that mean?

MARIELLE: Uranus rules Aquarius as does Saturn. When the two rulers of a sign don’t agree, we have a problem (the square means there’s a blockage).

Uranus in Taurus highlights a crisis in the economy, the environment, and climate change. Saturn in Aquarius is willing to create new structures that will help appease the crisis, but Uranus is limited by a lack of financial means (Taurus representing money and finances).

So, globally, governments have sunk into huge debts during the pandemic which limits the possibilities to handle the environmental problems, leaving the world stuck in a vicious circle. 

For now.

That’s how the square Uranus-Saturn is acting this year. Change is inevitable, but not for this year yet. It’ll come through as we continue to progress, more or less blindly, in this transitional time. New options, new creations, and even discoveries will begin to emerge in the coming few years, and we’ll land into the New World.  

JONNI: I like that sound of that! What an important head’s up you’ve given us Marielle. Summer ‘21 - bring it on! Thank you so much. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this season. Let’s have a follow-up conversation at the beginning of the fall. 

MARIELLE: Yes, and wishing you and all our reader's joy, hope, creativity, and good health. Looking forward to our meeting in a few months. Aurevoir! 

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