So...I used to be a fruitaholic.

Scratch that.

I *am* a fruitaholic. But I'm in recovery. Most days.

But like any 'holic, I would tell you that it's not my fault, and then I'd tell you why.

I grew up surrounded by huge dark sweet cherry trees. We had 4 majestic ones in our front yard. We also had 102 pie cherry trees in 'the back 40'. I know. I counted them one day. Cherry pies were the first pies I made.

We had one perfect prune plum tree, 3 sister Anjou pear trees, a thick highbush blueberry row backing onto an enormous Willamette raspberry row. I used to lean out my bedroom window and pick a Yellow Transparent apple right off the tree. It was my evening snack from July onward.

Most days I had 3 not-very square meals in fruit town. I found my sweet tooth in fruit, no question about it.

But all things must find a balance and so it was for me and fruit. Maturity kicked in and I now honour fruit more than make it disappear. I savour, rather than gobble, which is what I do with my personal development now too.

I used to want things to change NOW. I didn't have the patience to work on the change. I didn't have the awareness to understand how things worked but I knew they weren't working in my favour.

Over the years I've certainly met a lot of clients like that. AND I've met a lot of clients who know that balance means being consistent with both accessing more awareness and then living from that awareness. Again and again.

It's a gentle glide. AND it yields much more success. Savouring, not gobbling.

That's why when I wanted to start offering personal channelled messages outside of my committed communities, I had to figure out how to get that rhythm established so it was a win-win for all.

And I did.

I even created an adorbs animated video about it, because creativity replaced my sweet fruit tooth a long time ago. I'll share the video with you on the weekend. I'm just putting the final tweaks to it.

Love, Jonni
I was blind, but now acai


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