Mar 18, 2022

Spring officially begins on Sunday, March 20th, no matter how much sooner we want it.

Spring gives us that fresh, new, breakout feeling we all long for. It's in the air, it's in the tempo, it's in nature all around us.  

The influences of the planets are like the lyrics of a song. They provide the awareness when we don't understand why we feel the way we do. Acknowledging their influence gives us a head's up for the season ahead, shedding light on what to expect and why.

My seasonal conversations with astrologer, Marielle Croft, are always a delight and a deep dive. We both look forward to sharing our perspectives and expertise, to comparing notes, and confirming it all.


JONNI: Happy spring, Marielle - although it doesn't officially begin till Sunday. Can you tell us what influences this Spring Equinox has in store?

MARIELLE: This year, the Spring Equinox occurs on Sunday, March 20th, 2022, at 8:34 am PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Pisces to go into Aries.

Mars, Aries ruler, has marked the timing for some of the recent protests related to the covid restrictions, vaccines, as well as the conflict in Ukraine. As we move into the Spring season, Mars continues to be the star of the show although it may look as if he’ll don various looks. 

As we know, the New Moon is always a new beginning, a monthly lunar cycle. That’s when the Sun & Moon are conjunct. In astrology, when any planets are conjunct, they also start a new cycle, a new beginning in the style of the planets in question.

On March 2nd, we had a very powerful situation of new beginnings since it was not only the day of the New Moon but, at the same time, we had the trio Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunct, all three at exactly 27 degrees in Capricorn.


JONNI: Fascinating! Can you break that down for us laymen?

MARIELLE: Of course. Pluto-Mars are the warriors. They are the planets of brutal force, planets of war, or in other circumstances, they could be planets of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions. One would expect that sweet Venus would make a difference in this trio but, although she does, her voice is so thin it’ll take a long time before it has a real say.

Yes, this trio Pluto-Mars-Venus had something to do with the covid protest, but it also has more to do with the war in Ukraine. The thin voice of Venus could be what we observe from the nations trying to help Ukraine, trying to negotiate some diplomatic resolution, trying to inflict some financial or commercial restrictions (because Venus rules money). Unfortunately, this may not help much since Venus is so weak here. She is like the child versus the ogre.

Pluto will continue in Capricorn for a couple more years. Meanwhile, Mars & Venus have left the sign, and are now in Aquarius, a sign more inclined towards humanitarian choices.

Although these planets are on better ground here, they must negotiate with the conflict that started during the trio conjunction mentioned above. So, for now, we are evolving with what took place then (the Ukraine conflict) but it’ll change form throughout the year. We've not reached the climax point where it can take a new direction, though. What started at the New Moon on March 2nd will come to a certain ‘head’ around the coming Full Moon on March 18th. That’s when the conjunction Mars-Venus in Aquarius will make a square with Uranus in Taurus. This feels as if we're getting close to ‘crazy’ activity but, quite likely, averting it somehow at the very last minute, thanks to the wisdom of some influential people.

Then Venus will separate from Mars as she moves faster and will not continue participating in Mars activity for a while. Meanwhile, Mars will be conjunct with a very strong Saturn, at home in its own sign, Aquarius. That's around the New Moon on March 31st.

That New Moon occurs in Aries which is ruled by Mars. This time, though, Mars is held by the authority of Saturn in Aquarius, which is a very different atmosphere, indeed!

In the world, these planets feel as if there'll be a meeting with some capable authority figures. It could be from that point that we might see the possibility of an interruption in the current conflict, or at least a forceful action to successfully stop it. Significant efforts towards conflict resolution are on the table!


JONNI: I'm feeling that too! 

MARIELLE: From this New Moon, we peak at the Full Moon on April 16th. And because both the Sun (in Aries) and the Moon (in Libra) make a square to Pluto in Capricorn, there is resistance to peace but without the expected power. In fact, here Mars is in Pisces where it has no energy or interest in fighting. Mars is drowning in Pisces' ocean. In fact, Pisces’ power dominates here.


JONNI: Yes. Can you tell us a bit more about Pisces?

MARIELLE: Pisces is ruled by two planets: Jupiter and Neptune. It is EXTREMELY rare to have both at home in that sign. But they are there now! Neptune represents the mystic, and Jupiter, the priest. So, there's a global wave for peace. It has more power than the dictatorial blindness of the power-hungry. Those people standing for peace may very well succeed in changing what is happening in the world. If soldiers refuse to fight, there is no army to go to war. A possibility or a utopia?!

The above-mentioned trio Pluto-Mars-Venus in Capricorn forms a conjunction, a new long-term cycle, BUT it is happening at the very end of Capricorn. The end of a sign is also the end of something. Would this trio be the one that will trigger what looks like a war at first, only to kill it in its bud, making it the very last one, at last? We’ll have to live through it and see. Can we imagine the end of all wars in the world? It's a worthy speculation.


JONNI: And with the help of Venus, I'm speculating? 

MARIELLE: Well, we arrive at another New Moon, this one in Taurus, on April 30th with a partial eclipse of the Sun. This time, our little Venus that was almost swallowed alive in the above-mentioned trio (Pluto-Mars-Venus), now has lots of power. Indeed, she is exalted in Pisces, meaning that she is most comfortable in that sign. She also forms a most gorgeous trio conjunction with Neptune-Venus-Jupiter. It is super sweet!

Venus is the ruler for Taurus where the New Moon occurs. It seems that a wave for peace becomes the star of the show. Music and the arts certainly play an important role here. The other day, I was wondering if dictators listen to music. If they would, it would soften their dictatorship perhaps.


JONNI: Makes sense to me, too! 

MARIELLE: Let’s not forget that Uranus stands in Taurus, and has caused trouble in the past few years, conflicting with Pluto in Capricorn. The trouble in question has to do with climate change, food production, the economy, etc. This New Moon is with Uranus, so a quiet revolution seems to germinate oriented towards a progressive improvement, or new solutions towards the environment and global living. Basically, all in all, the world seems to come to a creative halt. What better tool to inspire the birth of a new world vision than from the arts and music?

This New Moon will culminate into the Wesak Full Moon on May 15th with a total eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio. Almost every planet is having a connection with Pluto in Capricorn – Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Mars-Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius – and all of them in a positive, non-conflicting atmosphere. Are we finally arriving at a halt while nurturing a new creative vision, and a way to end the method of war to achieve goals, and to replace it with broader collaboration?


JONNI: It's certainly sounding like powerful support. Can you talk more about the month of May? 

MARIELLE: In May, after a profound and softening journey into Pisces, Mars will get into its own sign, Aries. Although Mars can be aggressive and even brutal, here it seems to be full an energy expressed in the form of courage with great honesty. If a new culture has started to emerge in the past few weeks, there seems to be a serious effort to make sure it grows and becomes the new reality. When the goal is clear and appealing, we just go for it.


JONNI: Well, that's great news! And is there a Mercury Retrograde coming this spring that we can navigate through? 

MARIELLE: Of course. In this spring season, we’ll have another round of Mercury retrograde from May 10th to June 2nd. It’ll be hovering between the end of Taurus and the beginning of Gemini. Lots of practical communication to resolve issues, to prepare for projects, to tweak and improve what’s in place. Remember that mistakes, misunderstandings, distractions are more likely when this planet is retrograde so, double-check everything and try to avoid signing important contracts or buying expensive tickets that you can't get a refund for if you need it.


JONNI: Always solid advice. Are there other planets retrograding this spring as well? We've been so clear of retrogrades this winter. 

MARIELLE: Yes, Saturn will begin its usual cycle retrograde around the same dates every year. This time it’ll be from June 4th to October 23rd. That’s always a time when we diminish the pressure as it coincides with summer holidays, and we see TV series reruns, summer camps, and such. Pluto will also get in its usual retrograde cycle as well, around the same dates every year. This time it’ll be from April 29 to October 8th. Lots of it is related to the global transformation, the dark shadow that we've been purging since the beginning of 2020.

JONNI: You can read more about this in Marielle's Newsletter ‘The Great Purge’. Just go to her archives on her website to find it. 


MARIELLE: Pluto retrograde doesn’t add to the ‘shadow’ but rather digests and transforms it. That’s when healing and new understanding are the most likely to take place.

JONNI: Right, so from the end of April to the beginning of October. I'm exhaling now. 

The spring certainly feels full of change, and yet the more you know of the bigger influences, the better you can be prepared for the changes up ahead. 

It's been a pleasure, Marielle. We all really appreciate it. Let's talk again before the summer.

MARIELLE: Yes, for sure. Really looking forward to it. Wishing you all the very best in your life and in your community.


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