Hey there - it's Jonni.

I feel like I've been in my greenhouse more than my office lately. It's that time of year. You should see my tomatoes shooting for the sun! I needed an antidote after binging the last season of Peaky Blinders. 

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer feels like it's taking its sweet time to get started this year. Spring has felt long and drawn out. So, now there's a real itch for summer to take over the seasonal duties. And what summer looks like for us is still in creation mode.

Above us, the influences of the planets give us the depth and awareness that helps to explain our emotions and thoughts, so we can plan and prepare for our choice of actions. Knowing the astrological energetics and influence gives us a head’s up for the season ahead.

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (, the other day - before the actual Summer Solstice. It felt time to take an important look into the astrological perspective of summer 2022.


JONNI:  I know spring's eclipse season is behind us now, but there’s something else equally powerful and potent this summer. How would you describe it, overall, Marielle?

MARIELLE:  Yes, eclipse season is behind us. Next spring, the Moon cycles include another round of eclipses, but for now, we're free from the eclipses for the whole summer.  

The summer solstice will occur on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022, at 2:14 am, PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Gemini to move into the sign of Cancer. It's both the longest day & the shortest night of the year. In many cultures, this time invites joyful celebrations.

Yes, we're coming out of a rather intense spring season with Ukraine, the world economy, climate change, and whatnot. The sign of Cancer is about family and community to refresh and nurture our sense of support and belonging.

It just so happens that the solstice coincides with the 1st quarter Moon in Aries which represents a form of crisis in the flow of events. It feels like the 10th arcane in the tarot deck: the Wheel of Fortune. Whatever is in place could go this way or that way. It's unpredictable.

This summer is a season for tweaking, refining, revisiting, and committing to what we can, for healing, growth, and collaboration. It's the method to achieving this, that's unpredictable. 


JONNI: I agree and feel that too. The summer also sounds and feels busy and dynamic. Would you agree?


MARIELLE: Yes, it looks like it’ll be a busy season both privately and globally. A growing spirit to take action for the environment is more pressing than ever. A genuine desire to move towards a working solution dominates, but the methods could be impatient, perhaps even pushy or aggressive.

Some groups see the world situation as if it were one minute before midnight, so to speak. That’s why the pressure for a solution or resolution may increase. 

We don’t seem to be out of the woods with global conflicts either, alas.


JONNI: Right. We will deal with that if and when it occurs. And another factor of influence is the planets and their respective retrogrades. What's coming up and how will they add to the influences?


MARIELLE: Well, Mercury will begin another round of its retrograde cycle from September 10th to October 1st between the early part of Libra to the later part of Virgo. This one will be about watching our words, speaking with gentleness, humility, collaboration, and diplomacy.

But it's helpful to take into account the pre-retrograde phases for Mercury, Venus, and Mars, although it's not necessary to do so for the longer cycles for the remaining planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).


JONNI: And the pre-retrograde phase for Mercury is happening this summer. Got it. That's significant too, isn't it?


MARIELLE: Yes, when a planet prepares for the retrograde cycle, there's a time when it appears to slow down until it seemingly becomes still. Then it will retrograde until it again reaches a still point. That’s when the planet resumes its forward motion which we call ‘post-retrograde’.

When a planet is in retrograde, its energy functions better if we apply it to re-do, research, prepare, repair, and such, rather than forging ahead into new directions. The ‘pre-retrograde’ phase acts as if the planet would actually be already retrograde, so the same principle applies here too. 

In the post-retrograde phase, the planet gains in power until it reaches its natural orbiting speed. If you start something new in that post-retrograde phase, the evolution may be slower than expected at first but is likely to gain momentum eventually. If you're interested, the dates for ‘pre’ and ‘post’ retrograde cycles are on my website ( under 'Planets'.


JONNI: Excellent resource. Thank you! And do you have a quick rundown on other planets going retrograde this summer? I know there are a lot.


MARIELLE: Of course. The other planets in retrograde this summer are Saturn in Aquarius from June 4th to October 23rd; Neptune in Pisces from June 28th to December 3rd; Jupiter in Aries from July 28th to November 23rd; Uranus in Taurus from August 24th to January 22nd, 2023.

Something interesting to note about Jupiter's retrograde this year is that the starting day of its retrograde, as well as the starting day of its direct motion, both, coincide with a New Moon in Leo in July and in Sagittarius in November.


JONNI: I have no idea what that means, Marielle. LOL


MARIELLE: First, let me remind you that a New Moon is always a new beginning. Jupiter is a planet for joy, growth, and inspiration. There is a feeling that something highly creative, even pioneering, wants to emerge. Much of it could come from youth. It might also involve children. It's as if entertainment, the arts, music, music, and more music, and what makes people inspired again could take place in fun or most desirable way. We have a desire to make the world a better place, so the joy of creativity and bringing the inner child to the front row, are all ways to achieve this.

When Jupiter turns direct in November, the New Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign it rules. No doubt that besides the greyness of the world crisis, a wave of fresh possibilities may revive our vitality and our sense of hope to a high degree.


JONNI: Understood, yes. I like to mark down the New and Full Moons in my iCal because I like to see what's coming for the influences they can have. Do you have those dates for the summer so others can jot them down as well?


MARIELLE: I do. The first New Moon & Full Moon of the season (June 28th & July 13th) are in the sign of Cancer, always bringing the focus towards family and community. Then the following New & Full Moons (July 28th & August 11th) will be in Leo, time to play, create, express the inner child, and have fun. And, finally, the New & Full Moon in Virgo (August 27th & September 10th), a time for harvest, for preserves, for sharing, for healing too.


JONNI: That's perfect, Marielle. I appreciate it. Let's talk again in the Fall. Have a lovely Summer.


MARIELLE: Thank you, Jonni. As always, I look forward to our next meeting in the Fall. Wishing you all a luminous and inspiring season.


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