Aug 06, 2020

My husband, Blake, said goodbye to his favourite Uncle yesterday knowing that today was the day he would choose to exit the planet.

We knew this would be his Uncle's last summer. And so Blake lovingly spent as much time as possible with him - whole days, every other day, planned, last minute, whatever he could. 

Earlier in the season he carefully took him fishing, firmly planting a chair on the boat deck, watching him get as excited as he could - helping him hold up a fish, taking the trophy photo, framing it, and placing it on his bedside table. The last fishing days.

Then there were the days of sorting through the sheds and outbuildings and boathouse while his Uncle pointed and directed his wishes. A lot of stories were told, a lot of equipment was given away, a lot of love was shared.

But the last week, Blake just crawled into bed with him, lying close enough to feel his breath, a golf game on the nearby tv, a gentle back or foot rub, "I'm here, Unc' every time his Uncle was able to open his disoriented eyes.

And then the phone call came yesterday while we were watering the garden. "He's asked to have his medical assistance on Monday", his wife told Blake. "He said it's time".

We never know when a baby decides to come into this world. We have our guesses, our calculations, but really, unless it's a planned and scheduled C-section, we don't have a lot of say about making that call.

And we are fortunate enough to say the same thing about when we exit the world. We have our guesses, even our calculations, but really, unless we plan and schedule a 'reverse C-section', a medically assisted dying process, we don't have a lot of say about making that call either.

This is the second medically assisted process I have been part of, if only on the peripheral. In both cases, it's an honour to be there in support for both the dying and the living. It's a transition time and I'm built for transitions of every kind.

The current energetics are giving everyone the opportunity to make great big changes in life right now. As big as you can plan and schedule. If you want support and guidance through this time, reach out. I'm here.

Love, Jonni, honoured to be Blake's wife

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