Oct 04, 2020

I'm thinking that this stage of the global pandemic will not last forever. But it will change things forever.

Our responsibilities are personal and global. We can't pretend it doesn't matter, it doesn't count, no one is looking. We're all connected. 

In a time when we're told not to touch our face, the pandemic is asking us to face the future. 

We're all going through a massive time of collective vulnerability right now. It's not just about COVID. It's an energetic. COVID is the external representation of the energetic. That means everyone will interpret or experience the energetic differently.

You can allow vulnerability to find your depth of kindness & compassion, your empathy & love. And that means moving from ME to WE. The collective vulnerability is pushing us that way.

That's why there's a great calling for collectives right now. It's calling all of us together to take care of the planet and every one of its inhabitants.

And to do that, we have to agree on what 'taking care of' looks like.

In order to agree on anything, we have to find common ground. And we do that by first asking:

  • What is necessary for each person? 
  • What is most essential to them as it relates to what we want to find agreement on?
  • What does each person truly care about?
  • What do they want to create together?

So, I'll ask you: What's necessary for you? What do you truly care about? What's essential and important enough for you to create?

Once you agree, you have the power to communicate, organize, and take unified action.

Which is not as easy as polarizing life into right and wrong, black and white, good and bad judgements. 

When you polarize life, you're not living a whole life. You're choosing to live only a slice of life, rejecting the rest.

There really is no enemy, so there's no need to fight a decided enemy - whether that's a person, a country, or even COVID.

When you create an enemy of any kind, you make the enemy the problem rather than seeing your part in it all. And that way leads to madness. 

So you can keep finding and fighting enemies all your life or you can see your reflection in the 'perceived enemy' and work on integrating the greater understanding of the dynamic.

If you need help, I'm here. It's what I do.


Love, Jonni, feeling vulnerable, and that’s all right.



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