When we can’t see the future clearly, we can still look up - to the planets - for their guidance and influence.

I had a conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (, this morning. Each season we chat about the upcoming planetary movements and their influences in our lives. Our conversations are meant to provide insight and guidance as we deepen the understanding of influential factors.  

I love sharing these seasonal chats with you. That way we ALL reap the benefits of having a deep but quick glance around the upcoming and ongoing planetary influences.


JONNI:   Hello, Marielle. I love that we’re talking on the eve of the first day of fall - the fall equinox. It’s the perfect time to look at the planets and understand the realm of influence they have over the season. I know it’s not only the beginning of fall, but also eclipse season as well. And the planet Mars is retrograde right now too. That’s a lot. Okay, where do you want to start?

MARIELLE:  Greetings everyone! The fall equinox occurs when day and night are each 12 hours in length. It’s happening on September 22nd, 2020, at 6:32 am, PDT. This seasonal moment usually helps to reach a balance in our life. It tends to create some sort of stress-free feeling.

Indeed, we are mostly done with harvesting, making preserves, and all. The biggest efforts are accomplished, and now we have more time for ourselves.

Actually, that’s what we would usually expect when the fall equinox lands, but this year, it may be trickier to reach such harmony.

Back in January, a powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred at 22 degrees Capricorn which was rapidly amplified by Jupiter joining them. All three remain an active trio all year.

The planet Mars is a trigger and a planet of fire, courage, speed, and can be explosive, impulsive, and dangerous too. Usually, Mars takes about 6 weeks to go through a zodiacal sign. This year, it remains in its own sign, Aries, for 6 months because of its retrograde cycle. Since Aries is also a highly active sign of fire, when both join, there will not be a dull moment.

Normally, such a combination could support important advancement in projects, greater sportive feats, developing or creating new powerful machines, etc.

This year, Mars’ energy is redirected towards the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter trio and not in a gentle way. In fact, their relationship is what we call a ‘square’ - pushy, as if an excess of energy flows over and forges ahead, come what may.

Ever since Mars moved into Aries in July, we have observed more protest movements throughout the world, including Black Lives Matter. The immense heat of fiery Mars into fiery Aries has caused several explosions, including in Lebanon and the wild forest fires. Make sure there are no fire hazards around your house, place of work, cars, or machinery.

People’s power against leaders’ power is typical of this Aries-Capricorn combination. The physical dimension responds to the law of duality. To any great quality, there will be its equal opposite. That is inevitable. 

JONNI: Absolutely. I see this. So what do you see as a way we can avoid being swayed by the turbulence arising all around us?

MARIELLE: Well, the great spiritual masters have the key to resolve this pendulum effect: centeredness & cultivating mindfulness. Learning how to embrace the opposites in a state of inner harmony is a most desirable achievement. This year, we will benefit immensely by committing to such efforts, as we are more challenged than usual by the turbulence of this 2020 global crossroads.

JONNI: Agreed!

MARIELLE: Now, Mars has started its retrograde cycle and it goes from September 9th to November 14th, retracing its steps in a way that makes the Aries-Capricorn square even tighter. It will activate it for the third and last time when it goes direct again from November 14th to mid-January 2021. But we’re not out of the woods yet. Living with attention, empathy, and kindness is so necessary now and probably harder to maintain at times. But we have to keep trying.

JONNI: Oh yes, it’s SO important right now. It’s a game-changer for our emotional balance too.

MARIELLE: This fall season is trying to keep us on our toes since Mercury will also be in its retrograde cycle from October 14th to November 2nd, bridging its way back and forth between Libra and Scorpio.

This brings the focus towards close relationships whether it is marriage, business partnership, or associations of any kind. Deepening communication is important. If we avoid addressing issues, it will be harder to remain in denial or be passive at this time. Not taking care of problems only delays the inevitable!

JONNI: I’ve been saying the same thing. This fall is a time for deepening and for getting ‘more real’ in our relationships. The truth is exposed and we want to meet it.

MARIELLE: Yes, it’s also a great opportunity to look at where we are with the important people in our life and ask ourselves if we tell them how much we appreciate or love them enough. Are we showing our gratitude or are we taking them for granted?

JONNI: Perfect. And then it’s the eclipse season!

MARIELLE: Indeed. On November 30th, there is a full moon in Gemini with a penumbral eclipse of the Moon. Then on December 14th, we have a total eclipse of the Sun at the new moon in Sagittarius.

JONNI: I will mark those in my calendar right now. 

MARIELLE: Gemini-Sagittarius are facing each other in the zodiacal wheel. They are in polarity and complementary. The dominant theme for these two eclipses is around communication and belief systems. Now and then, it is wise to review what we believe and how much it influences our views and choices in life. A belief is powerful. But is it the truth? If we tend to rigidly defend our beliefs, they may not be accurate as the truth flows with its natural evidence.

JONNI: I completely agree. Our beliefs are coming under scrutiny and yet the universal truth will prevail.

MARIELLE: This eclipse season specializes in the importance to remain open, flexible, to accept differences, to embrace diversity as an opportunity to expand one’s horizons.

JONNI: Well said. And the planet Uranus is also in retrograde right now. Can you share with us how significant that is and why?

MARIELLE: Uranus the lightning! Uranus is a planet of high frequency that usually manifests suddenly. It is a planet associated with intuition, invention, originality and even eccentricity. It tends to be unpredictable and can even be erratic at times.

Right now it’s in the sign of Taurus from 2018 until later in 2025 - a sign where Uranus struggles a little.

JONNI: Why is that? 

MARIELLE: Taurus is an Earth sign related to agriculture, farmlands, nature, food, shelter, clothing, and money.

Uranus does not usually care much for these although they are essential. That is why it is awkward to have it visiting that sign.

Ever since Uranus moved into Taurus, global issues related to climate change have accentuated the problems with food production and rising grocery price. The battle between organic farming and the multinational companies trying to standardize GMO seeds and crops are reaching alarming levels.

Right now, Uranus is in its retrograde cycle from August 15th to January 14th, 2021. If the pandemic brought the world to its knees, so to speak, the next big one that may also bring us to our knees is the economy.

In 2020, during the confinement period, governments have helped shops and workers by donating lots of money. They still are. Meanwhile, when the confinement started to allow shops to re-open and people to go back to work, the immense losses they endured during their closure caused some to file for bankruptcy, while others were barely surviving at less than full capacity due to the coronavirus. 

In 2021, Saturn will move into Aquarius to hold a square with Uranus in Taurus most of the year. We can expect the harsh reality of the global economy to be hit hard. Restrictions, restructuration, financial reforms, are more than likely. So it is wise to be frugal with personal expenses to weather the potential harder times.

Uranus is a planet of group or collective activity. We will certainly see the natural emergence of collaboration and support among communities and citizens as a survival effort. In our busy culture, we may have overlooked the value of caring for one another in our communities. That is a wonderful side effect of this great Uranian change.

JONNI: I’m on the same page, Marielle. The collaborative time is here and increasing in importance. 

You’ve given us so much to think about and digest. I know I always feel more anchored after our conversations. Let’s speak again at the end of the fall. Thank you so much for this chat.

MARIELLEYes, until our Winter solstice conversation, I wish you and everyone to be well, safe, and loving.


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