The doors are now open - 

Well, maybe not literally. But definitely with as much flair. 👉 😜 👈

I believe we should celebrate all things. That doesn't mean a constant party. It means being present, acknowledging, and honouring what happened and what's happening. 

Like endings and beginnings. 

When things end, you want to walk through that ending with your head up, your heart open, and your mind clear. You need to acknowledge it all, honour its purpose, and say thank you and goodbye. 

Whether the ending is your job, a significant relationship, or the town you're moving away from - they're all endings, and there are plenty more. And each one deserves your very best. 

Which just happens to be the goal of my new text-based course. 😜

It takes you by the hand and holds it with deep realizations, provocative questions, mindful exercises, and supportive prompts so you can walk through your particular ending with the grace you want.

And after that exhale, we'll inhale your new beginning, whether that's a restart, a reboot, or an unknown. I got ya. 

New chapters can be daunting. That's why I created a daily structure of accountability and support in the 2nd half of this course. Because endings & beginnings are bookends in life. No one gets through life without them. 

Here's how to do them better. 


Love, Jonni

Practicing the walk right now.


'Endings & Beginnings' is now open for registration. Read all the deets here. It's also the best way to end the year and start the new one. 🙌 (Maybe I planned that... 🤔)

There are no coincidences.

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