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The Speed is Increasing

The speed is increasing. I’m sure you’re feeling it.

There’s a whoosh of energy now and things are moving forward at an increased speed.

Previously it felt as though it was one step forward then a 1/2 step back. A dance that lacked forward thrust. We needed momentum. We needed leverage.

You can see this energetic playing out on the world stage and you can see this in your own life.

  • Perhaps you needed to make a clear decision and take consistent action and you weren’t able to.
  • Perhaps you tried one thing, quit, tried another approach, didn’t like it, tried a third, not sure.
  • Perhaps you really wanted something to change but couldn’t find the leverage to really get the momentum going.

Right now, I’m hearing all this and more from my clients. Some of them are wrestling with their intimate relationships, some with the relationship with their finances, the relationship with their health, the relationship with their family, their habits, their work, their identity…

The list is long. But each example has one thing in common.

Each example has a relationship that needs attention and understanding and change.

  • Maybe the relationship is with your body. Maybe it’s time you finally understood what it really needs, how to properly give it and honour it as it changes.
  • Maybe the relationship is with your work identity. Maybe it’s time you understood what you are evolving into so you can align better with your future rather than fighting with your past.
  • Maybe the relationship is with your expectations. Maybe it’s time you understood where they are really coming from, what they really want, and what you can really do about them.

The pattern is emerging and now is the time to move the dial.

Last week I introduced Text Talk With Dr Jonni to add another offering for those who want realtime support as they navigate their relationship changes.

This week I’m introducing my new online scheduler for both new and returning clients, so they can book their own appointments in realtime and make the commitment to themselves.

The speed is increasing. The opportunity for change is increasing. If you’re feeling it and you’re ready, I’m ready to support the pace and the urgency. We’re in this together.

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