Aug 27, 2022

I'm in abundance heaven right now. I'm looking at the 8 tomato plants in my greenhouse and it's reflecting this truth. Eight different varieties and each one is yielding more tomatoes than I know what to do with. (Mostly because I'm not a canner. 😜)

But my tomatoes aren't the source of my feelings of abundance. As I said, they're the reflection. The distinction is noted, and it makes me pause and muse about other distinctions.

The way I see it, there's self-aware, socially aware, private self-awareness and public self-awareness. And then there's spiritually aware.

In the '12-Weeks From Awareness to Actualization' course I'm launching in September, I want each person in the course to be able to define, describe, and talk about the different kinds of awareness. And I want each person to devote 4 weeks in September to increasing their whole awareness.

(If this is the first time you're hearing about this course, you can read about when I first started thinking about it herewhen I put out the calling for a committed group here, and when I started getting all poetical about it here.)

The way I sense it, there's implied acceptance, conditional acceptance, expressed acceptance, self-acceptance, social acceptance, and the spiritual principle of acceptance.

In the '12-Week' course, I want each person to be able to define, characterize, and communicate the different kinds of acceptance. And I want each person to devote 4 weeks in October to increasing their whole acceptance.

The way I know it, there are 9 or so stages of actualization. In the '12-Week' course, I want all of us to get to know them, to claim them, and to live them in the 4 weeks in November.

Now, if all this sounds vague, I get that. I wish I could spell it out more simply, but the process really is different for each person so I'm being as clear as I can in my emails.

I've been receiving questions though that may be yours too. Such as 'How much time do I need to take this course?'

If you spend 5 minutes a day, you'll get what you put in. If you spend an hour a day, you'll get more. And if you miss multiple days, you might lose momentum, which is why I'm intent on texting you every single morning with simple prompts, questions, reminders, and inspirations. There's also 4 zoom calls to bookend each of the 3 focuses. They'll introduce each focus so you'll know the plot. Having said all that, know that the time and thought you put into the course will gift you right back.

'What happens when the 12-week course ends?'

You’ll have one more month (December) to download any portions of the course you want to keep for yourself before the course will disappear from your Library.

'When can I sign up?'

I'm working on the details and sign-up page right now and will give you that link as soon as it's done. Promise. But right now, my tomatoes are calling and I must answer.


Love, Jonni

Making salsa and tomato quiche tonight 

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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