Aug 13, 2022

I wanted to watch the sunset & shooting stars the other night, but the clouds wouldn't yield. 

It reminded me that even if I know what I want, it doesn't mean I can get/create/achieve/have it. It reminded me that sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes there are plans other than my own. Sometimes I need to pull back and look at things with a wider lens.

I'm not just talking about watching sunsets & shooting starts. Of course. I'm talking about...well...everything. 

How we move through the world with our wants and desires, and how the world moves through our lives, is complex. No doubt about it. And I get stoked moving deeper into understanding that complexity, don't you?

Last Sunday, I started talking about how I'd love to guide a small group of seekers through a 12-week interactive live course that would take them through this complexity. I said we'd go from greater awareness to fuller acceptance to self-actualization.

And since I started talking about it, I've been getting super excited. Because I love moving through a process. And I love helping others move through a process. It's deeply satisfying and staggeringly impactful. 

Whenever you make a significant lasting change in your life, whenever you transform a behaviour or a habit, whenever you really accomplish something, it generates extraordinary confidence. This confidence is energy. You can revel in the energy AND use it to lift up other areas and things in your life. It's limitless. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

What I know is that most people don't take the time to really focus on this process. They might start it, but they don't go through it all. They might not know how or they might get distracted. Who knows.

What I want to do, is work with a committed group who are individually willing to focus on this process in their life for 3 months. I'll guide you, zoom with you, email you, text you, check in with you, prompt you, support you, the whole shebang. 

Are you intrigued? Want to hear more? 

Excellent. I'll send out another email soon. 


Love, Jonni

Planning another shooting star evening tonight


Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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