Dec 17, 2020

Well, we made it to winter in this strangest of years. We’re still holding our breath and we’re still looking for the horizon. So I’m going to suggest we look up at the planets to see how they play into it all. 

The planets are the horizon of choice right now. The upcoming planetary movements and their influences in our lives give us insight and guidance so we can deepen our understanding of what’s influencing us. 

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( yesterday - a few days before the Winter Solstice.

We can all reap the benefits of having an intimate look around the upcoming and ongoing planetary influences, so let me share our conversation with you so you see the horizon too.

JONNIHappy Solstice Marielle. So what do the winter and new year look like from your vantage position?

MARIELLE:  Happy Solstice! The Winter Solstice occurs on Monday, December 21st at 2:04 am PST. We’ll still find the frequencies of the total Solar eclipse that happened on the New Moon of December 14th. It adds depth to the winter season and progressively relaxes as we move closer to the spring equinox. December’s total eclipse does not peak into another eclipse at the Full Moon on December 29th, so that helps.


JONNI: Okay, what does that mean for us?

MARIELLE: We’re walking into the winter season very focussed. Of course, after the stressful 2020 year, some people experienced various degrees of depression while others experienced anger or rebellion. It’s marked by all of this as we move into the Winter Solstice.

The winter season promises to be quite colourful. We already have major players in place, waiting for the host to arrive (the Solstice Sun in Capricorn). 

First, we had the New Moon Eclipse on December 14th. Then the Moon moved into Aquarius on December 16th. Then SATURN moves into its home in Aquarius on December 17th. Then JUPITER will move into Aquarius on December 19th. And finally, the Sun will move into SATURN-ruled Capricorn on December 20th.

 With all these players in place, they’ll begin to work (or resist working) with other major players.

JONNI: Wow. That sounds exciting. What other major players and what does that mean for us?

MARIELLE: Well, one of them is Mars. It’s been intense most of 2020 in its own sign of Aries and it’s completing its retrograde cycle. Mars is a catalyst. It’ll move into Taurus on January 6th and will rush forward to join Uranus, who’s already there. 

On January 12th, there’s a New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn which is the very degree where the big infamous trio formed on January 12/13 2020 resulting in the pandemic, etc. It’s a strange feeling as if we’re on the edge of either falling back or falling away from it. It’s unclear which way everything goes. 

Mercury will also begin its pre-retrograde phase on January 14th, so things are definitively not clearly moving forward.

Then the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 20th, 2021, to ignite a Mars and Uranus square in Taurus which are not in their best sign. In fact, they are in the most challenging sign they can be in. But the planets in Aquarius (Saturn-Jupiter particularly) are strong, creative, and innovative. That could also mean that from the Aquarius-Taurus square a nasty stubbornness could emerge that is trying to slow down or compete with new ideas, new advancement, the emergence of a new culture based on the Aquarius planets.

Taurus rules food, farmland, finances. Global governments are in huge debts due to the help they provided to people & businesses having lost work and service.

JONNI: Yes of course. So do the planets suggest we are moving toward an economy reset or a new vision of the global economy? 

MARIELLE: Possibly, but it won’t flow in with ease. Resistance seems to be quite fierce from the Taurus players (Mars-Uranus) that seem to be more interested in personal interests than global welfare.

 Clearly, we are moving out of the Patriarchal culture into the Aquarian era though. The Aquarian Age will make its way but the transition seems to have to go through a lot of labour as the old will hold on as much as possible trying to survive with outdated values.

The pressure or struggle between the planets in Aquarius (Saturn-Jupiter mainly) square Mars-Uranus in Taurus will continue pretty much until January 3rd, 2022. 

And let’s not forget that Mercury will also have its retrograde cycle. It’ll be retrograde in Aquarius from January 31st to February 20th, 2021. That means there’s no doubt that all the actors in the drama I’ve talked about may have to measure their words & decision, maybe even retract what was said or decided. There may also be possible glitches with electronic devices revealing what should have remained private. 


JONNI: Interesting. Who knows… You’ve given us so much to think about and digest. I know I always feel more anchored after our conversations. Let’s speak again at the beginning of spring next year. Thank you so much for this chat.

MARIELLEYes, I wish you and everyone to be well, safe, and loving.



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