Have you ever been both distracted and extra focused at the same time? As though you're being pulled in two places at once?

I have, and I am now. And it's a weird, laser-sharp feeling that permeates my cerebellum 24 hours a day. (Cerebellum --> the little brain at the back of my brain that coordinates my balance.)

I have a new project, a new adventure, a new baby on the horizon. Not an actual baby, of course. But I still feel a gestation period happening. I'm planning for her, I've named her, I can't wait to birth her.

But in the meantime, I know to focus on the here and now. One foot in front of the other - as they say - although I'm feeling more like Tigger bouncing some days. Partly caffeine-fuelled, perhaps.

I'm breathing and loving and putting all the pieces together. And living my life as I glide through it.

I'm also talking to a lot of people who feel a similar wave, a comparable stance. They're saying they're living life day by day the best they can AND they're starting to see a light on the horizon.

A light!

Of course, the light represents many things, different for each person - a long-awaited vacation, a book release, a move, a new business venture, an opening up of something.

The light represents hope, optimism, expectancy. And sometimes the hope light isn't attached to anything in particular. But it's still there. The feeling is still there. The bounce in your step is still there whether you're allowing it or not.

For those of us who seem to have one eye on the light on the horizon and one eye on the tasks at hand, I salute you, my sister, my brother. There's undoubtedly a new dawn arising.

It may not be pretty for everyone.

It feels like a lot of work, too.

And it's asking more from us - differently from us - than we have previously delivered.

I've been speaking about that "asking" with individuals a lot lately. What is your life, your soul, your purpose, the planet, humanity, asking of you right now? Will you deliver? Do you know how?

These are the questions to ask yourself right now. Start here. I'll check in with you next month and see how you're making out.

Love, Jonni
Turning the coffee machine on one more time

PS) If you feel the need to go deeper into understanding the light you feel, the ask that's around you, and your deliverability skills, let's talk.™

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